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1950s Presentation

Pop culture of the 1950s

Madeline Mahnke

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of 1950s Presentation

FINAL EXAM 1.) During the 1950s, why were tailfins a popular feature for cars? 2.) What is a popular book published in the 50s? 3.) In what year did Sputnik orbit the earth and what was the public's response? 4.) Which movie star died from a drug overdose? 5.) What kind of haircut became popular with guys in the 1950s? Media TV Movies Broadway CARTOONS SITCOMS Renamed in 1955 as The Ed Sullivan Show (previously Toast of the Town) The Today Show aired January 14, 1952. The show aired in 1951 and was ended in 1957 after its sixth season. "Leave it to Beaver" aired on CBS in 1957, but was dropped in 1958 and picked up by ABC for another five years. LIVE TV Though it was originally produced in 1940, the show ran through 1957, with a total of 114 comedic shorts. MOVIE STARS James Dean Audrey Hepburn Marilyn Monroe Disney Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland were released in 1950 & 1951, respectively MUSIC IN THE 1950s Iconic Films Science Fiction The Crucible Straight play,
written in 1953 by Arthur Miller West Side Story Fashion The Music Man Peter Pan Guys and Dolls The Sound of Music Major Musicals Politics Joseph McCarthy He used the American public's fear of communism in his favor. McCarthyism HUAC The most famous accusation made by HUAC was of Alger Hiss' communist ties.
Accused many of aiding communists or having communist ties. MUSIC IN THE 50s Muscle cars came into vogue during the 1950s (think flashy, smooth, V8 engine cars, not the obnoxious gas guzzlers of today)
Everyone wanted a car all of a sudden! CARS Girls Boys Unisex Cadillac El Dorado - 1953 Ford Edsel Corsair - 1958 TEEN CULTURE Board Games Books & etc. Books Dating Problem for girls: to not appear 'fast' without being a 'square'
The materialistic culture made dating a very casual thing to do, something all teens did A good place to meet 'chicks' was at diners or drugstores. Your typical 1950s pharmacist made milkshakes as well as laxatives. Incidentally, the first ice cream milkshake was invented by Walgreens. Yum. Fads! Fads were trendy for only a very short time before quickly dying out again Children's Books A page from a 1956 teen magazine showing all the trendy ways a girl could style her hair Lingo SOME 1950S LINGO:
agitate the gravel - to leave
back seat bingo - kissing in a car
blast - a good time
cat - a hip boy
chick - a hip girl
cooties - 'un-cool' germs
cube - a normal person
don't have a cow - don't overreact
Double Doo-Doo - uh oh
Fat City - a great thing or place
grody - sloppy, messy, dirty
hip - cool, trendy
Mickey Mouse - dumb
moldy - a bad teacher
nerd - same as today
square - uncool
razz my berries- excite/impress me
weed - a cigarette
what's buzzin', cuzzin'? - what's new
Word from the bird - the truth Conformity vs. Non-Conformity The 1950s is well known as the 'Age of Conformity;
But the 1950s also saw the birth of the Beat Generation, who, through various mediums like literature and art, protested such mindsets Conformity Conformity wasn't just with teens (which was the scary part), it was with the whole nation; homophobia and mistrust of civil rights movements (and the rising feminist movement) swept almost everybody Civil Rights Non-Conformity The most influential voices against the conformity of the '50s were the Beatniks;
'Greasers' were teenage rebels (usually gangsters) who looked like James Dean or Fonzie and liked motorcycles Chuck Berry Little RIchard Bill Haley and the Comets American Bandstand Elvis Presley Chevrolet Bel Air - 1957 Comics Magazines Mr. Magoo bacame popular for its animated shorts Sports Baseball By Lauren Bernhardt, Leah Dixon, Rachel Lai, Madeline Mahnke & Ashley Wong Barbie Davy Crockett and other "Old West" toys Hula Hoops Little People Dual-Handed
Pogo Sticks Frisbees Football Jackie Robinson Yogi Berra '56 Oklahoma Sooners Mr. Potato Head Tom "the Bomb" Tracy Also known as the House Un-American Activities Committee Football on TV Golf Even Ike liked to play Korean War Music Comics Teens enjoying milkshakes and a jukebox Some comics
dealt with the
hardships of
the war. Toys Disneyland Some artists created
comic books which were
meant to evoke a feeling
of patriotism and an
anticommunist sentiment. The 1950s Cold War Songs were usually patriotic and vocalized the desire of the public for the soldiers to return home safe and for the war to end in a victory for the United States Jim Eanes wrote "Returned
From Missing in Action" in 1951. Many UFO sightings were reported in response to the fears of the new development of satellites and other technology, such as the H-bomb. Space Race Sputnik was
launched on October
4, 1957. The Cold War increased the fear of communism throughout the United States. Response to Cold War-Related Technological Advances Queen Elizabeth II International Events Soviets get H-bomb ANSWER Marilyn Monroe
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