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Mother Teresa

No description

efrata feleke

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Mother Teresa

Child Life Careers Challenges/Major Accomplishments Why did I choose Mother Teresa? Biography.com
Catholic.org On May 24 1931, Mother Teresa took her first religious vows as a nun. She took her solemn vows on May 14, 1937. From 1931 to 1948, she taught at St. Mary's high school in Calcutta. Teresa served there for almost 20 years! In 1944, Teresa was appointed headmistress(leader). Eventually, Mother Teresa started a school in
Calcutta. Then, she started taking care of the sick
and starving. During the first year,it was difficult.
She didn't have any money so she had to beg for food
and supplies and had to walk until her arms and legs
ached so the people could survive. She faced doubt,
loneliness, and the temptation to return back to her old
life of comfort. Lastly, Mother Teresa founded the
Missionaries of Charity which grew vastly from twelve
to thousands of people in more than 100 countries. I chose Mother Teresa because she inspired me into having an influence that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. She was so selfless because she always cared for others before herself.She put God first and reflected god's image and likeness to others. Even though she had her hard times, she never gave up. That made her stand out. She didn't judge anyone by their illness or disease but saw them from their hearts. Mother Teresa loved every person she came upon and served them.
She will never be forgotten. Where I found my Info Mother Teresa Mother Teresa was born on August 26th 1910. She was born in Skopje, Macedonia by the name of Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu and was the youngest of the three children in her family. Her father died when she was just eight years old. After her father's death, her mother raised her as a Roman Catholic. When she was 12, she knew the plan that God had for her and when she was 18, she left her home to join the Sisters of Loreto as a missionary. due to a heart attack when she was 87 years old. She
had more complications throughout so the Archbishop
ordered a priest to perform an exorcism because he
thought she may be under attack by the devil. On September 5th 1997, Mother Teresa died in India. She died Death My Youtube Video Recognitions/Prizes Mother Teresa is recognized all around the
world for her acts of kindness.
These are a few of the prizes among the 124 she received: 1971- Pope John Paul XX111
1972-Nehru Prize
1979-Balzan Prize & Nobel Peace Prize
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