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Moving Project

No description

Karrie Cox

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Moving Project

Moving Project
Project Description
A decision to move is something you shouldn't take lightly. There has to be a good reason, the right time, and what activities need to be performed. The expected outcome would be a successful move to the new destination.

Why would you want to evaluate a move?
Who wouldn't evaluate a move? There are costs involved in a move, both financial, physical and emotional.

Major factors to evaluate:

Find a destination (where & why; state, city);
A place to live (rent or own);
Environment (is there a place to shop, go to doctors, hospital);
Travel time (see kids/grandkids/parents/family).
Evaluation philosophy
In my example of the moving project the evaluation philosophy would fall under the definition of a systematic process of collecting all analyzing all the data in order to make a decision.

A decision to move can be at the spare of the moment, but it would have drawbacks and possible negative outcomes. Do you just pick up and leave? Move in with friends or family? Drive until you run out of gas?

The Decision
Where: Cottonwood, XXX
Why?: Centraly located to all family members. Like the environment. Job opportunities not as scarce.
When: July 1, 2012
How: Moving service
EdTech 505
Assignment 1
Karrie Cox
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