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Correlational Research

No description

Allison Hargrave

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Correlational Research

Correlational Research
Below .35 show a slight correlation between variables
Between .40 and .60 may have theoretical &/or practical value
.65 and higher reasonably accurate predictions can be made
Over .85 very strong relationship between the variables correlated
Purposes, Techniques, Basic Steps, Coefficients and their meanings, Evaluating threats to internal valididty
Correlation Coefficients & Their Meaning
Done to explain important human behaviors or predict likely outcomes
Multiple regression enables a researcher to determine correlation between a criterion variable and best combo of 2 or more predictor variables
Steps include:
select a problem
choose a sample
selecting/developing instruments
determine procedures
collect/analyze data
interpret result
Major part of correlational research is seeking out associations among variables

There is NO MANIPULATION of variables!!!
Threats to internal validity include subject characteristics, location, instrument decay, data collection, testing, & morality
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