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Target Presentation

Target Presentation for Marketing 301

Benjamin Rascoe

on 3 April 2011

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Transcript of Target Presentation

Target Presentation Benjamin Rascoe, Jennifer Sandel, Kyle Tosh, Kelly Fogt, Blaine Westropp What’s The Problem? American’s are increasingly recognizing their unhealthy lifestyle choices.
Consumers are now shopping for items related to wellness, which offers new opportunities for companies.
In 2007 Target launched the “Long Live Happy” campaign.
How can Target enhance the wellness of its guests?
How can this be integrated throughout the consumer’s entire shopping experience?
In Store Observations Before SWOT Analysis RFID Target and the Community Becoming more involved on a personal level
Youth soccer teams
Uniforms, Small Logo
Post Game Snacks, Special Packaging
Important marketing and developing brand loyalty
Creation of Wellness feeling about Target Target and the Community Cont'd Wanting to remain modest
In store display only
Community involvement
Youth team schedules
Creating a wellbeing for employees entering the store “By engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, companies can not only generate favorable stakeholder attitudes and better support behaviors (e.g. purchase, seeking employment, investing in the company), but also, over the long run, build corporate image, strengthen stakeholder–company relationships, and enhance stakeholders' advocacy behaviors.” (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1468-2370.2009.00276.x/full)
Target “Wellness Certified” Employee Wellness training
Paid for half of the training
Five videos of an hour each in length
Real examples of how to use the training
RFID relationship “In today's economy, if your business isn't learning, then you're going to fall behind. And a business learns as its people learn. Your employees are the ones that produce, refine, protect, deliver and manage your products or services every day, year in, year out” (http://www.entrepreneur.com/humanresources/article77678.html).
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