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Copy of Investor Day

Presnetazione investor day

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Transcript of Copy of Investor Day

filippo.schianodipepe@cocontest.com Filippo Schiano di Pepe EUR World 12% 88% EUR World ITA EUR Use a designer 12%
Do not use a designer 88% In the USA: Why?

wants to change this trend! How it Works Few solutions
Designer are very expensive
Hard to find a Designer who
matches your needs IT developer Graphic designers Translators ITA EUR 1.2 M 532 K 532 K 144 K and
Designers 500K Business Angel, Director of Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) Advisors Stefano Pighini Valerio Caracciolo Experience as head of business development, mergers & acquisitions Generated with ads and viral Facebook ads Next 12 months Customer acquisition: Partnership Interior Design competition
for your home Inspiration Internet changes the way
we work Statistics Architects/Interior Designers 1/3 About are ITALIAN Clients Statistics for Clients Value Proposal Many project ideas
The client decides the cash award
Designers from all over the world Value Proposal for Designers More Jobs
More Visibility
More Clients Compile the brief www.cocontest.com filippo.schianodipepe@cocontest.com Decide how much to pay Get many projects Pick the winner Client Revenue Fee for each contest Revenue Designers Certified Registration on Board Qualifications (CAD,3D..) Premium Account Competitors TEAM Days 0 45 Designer 2000 in EUROPE What we need 45% Advertising and Marketing
40% Employees
15% Development and
International Expansion Federico Schiano di Pepe Co-Founder Alumnus InnLab Student in Law federico.schianodipepe@cocontest.com filippo.schianodipepe@cocontest.com Filippo Schiano di Pepe Co-Founder Architect Graphic Designer Carmine Pasquarelli Web Developer carmine.pasquarelli@cocontest.com Software Developer 500 Contests per Month 40K Designer Package deal for business customers Where we are Euros 2000 designers registered Where we want to be magazines,
furniture companies Advertising facebook ads,
google ads,
magazine ads Viral factor social networks,
blogs, events Reviews on international blog and websites Sources: Consiglio Nazionale Architetti, Sole 24Ore, Agenzia delle Entrate

http://www.ibisworld.com/industry/global/global-architectural-services.htm http://www.ibisworld.com/industry/global/global-architectural-services.htm Example Files sent by client
Budget set : 91€ Winner Already committed 150 K euros from our previous Aye Moah MIT-educated UI designer/frontend developer. Previously at Cisco, Chief of Product Baydin • Firms that works in different sectors but that may be interested in expanding (AutoDesk)

• Forniture companies like IKEA or FAB that work in the same field of Cocontest may be interested.

• Other crowdsourcing company like 99designs that wants to expand their services also into architectural and interior designs market.

• Company that work in real estate ( Trulia or Zillow.com )

• Big publishing groups (Interior design magazine) because them market is in crisis and they need to find new business models.

Exit strategy
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