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Assignment 1

No description

Ferlyn Vergel

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Assignment 1

My Answer
It is hard to work with your friends because sometimes you might hurt their feelings. In this situation, I will tell my friend what exactly I thought and if he does'nt agree , I would rather pick someone else to make a review for me and i'll review someone that is not my friend to avoid biased decisions. friend or not it is important to be professional in the workplace.

For the Scenarios
Use the five-step decision-making process discussed in the chapter to analyze the following situations and recommend a course of action
You are the customer support manager for a small software manufacturer. The newest addition to your 10-person team is Sofia, a recent college graduate. She is a little overwhelmed by the volume of calls, but is learning quickly and doing her best to keep up. Today, as you performed your monthly review of employee email, you were surprised to see that Sofia has received several messages from employment agencies. One message says, “Sofia, I’m sorry you don’t like your new job. We have lots of opportunities that I think would much better match your interests. Please call me, and let’s talk further.” You’re shocked and alarmed. You had no idea she was unhappy, and your team desperately needs her help to handle the onslaught of calls generated by the newest release of software. If you’re going to lose her, you’ll need to find a replacement quickly. You know that Sofia did not intend for you to see the email, but you can’t ignore what you saw. Should you confront Sofia and demand to know her intentions? Should you avoid any confrontation and simply begin seeking her replacement? Could you be misinterpreting the email? What should you do?

My answer
Since the team desperately needs help , turning a blind eye on this matter is not a good idea. I must know what is the problem that makes Sofia uncomfortable with the job. I will ask her opinion about the things that makes her uncomfortable with her job and from that, I will find solutions to make her stay. If the matter is already worse or if she doesn't really like to continue the job, then its time to find a new replacement.

Question 2
As part of your company’s annual performance review process, each employee must identify three coworkers to be interviewed by his manager to get a perspective on the employee’s overall work performance. Your friend has offered to give you a glowing performance review if you agree to do the same for him. Truth be told, your friend is not a very dependable worker, and his work is often below minimum standards. However, he is a good friend, and you would hate to upset him. What would you do?

Assignment 1 : IT145 by Ferlyn Vergel
Question 1
Steps in decision making
1. develop problem statement
2. identify alternatives
3. evaluate and choose alternatives
4.implement decision
5. evaluate results
Thank You!
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