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Adrian Sivaraj

on 1 October 2014

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- For catholic students, perseverance can be lived out by trying your best to overcome the stress of school by staying on top of your work and working hard even when times get tough.
- With respects to student athletes, perseverance can be exemplified by putting maximum effort in sports even when you may be against a tougher opponent.
- As well for students, if you are struggling in a particular subject, by going out of your way to find a tutor and learn a concept shows perseverance and how you aren't giving up.
How virtue can be lived
out by Catholics:
Story about perseverance: Albert Einstein

Even thought Albert Einstein is considered the smartest man to ever live, his life story has perseverance written all over it. This is shown as he spent countless hours on the same experiment and he never gave up. He didn't get the answer on the first try, but he persevered until he defied the laws of physics.
How virtue can be lived by Catholics:
-It can be lived out in a school environment by not gloating about marks or achievements and rubbing it in peoples faces, because when you don't, other people appreciate it more.
-Another example of how humility can be shown is by giving to people and expecting nothing in return. It is giving from your heart without caring about what the reward from it will be.
-Humility is also explained in another form because sometimes by doing the right thing it may be considered shameful and you might be judged. However what you are doing is not just for yourself but also for God. An example of this could be turning down a fight in front of the whole school. Although everyone will think you are a wimp and a loser for turning down a fight, at the end of the day you did the right thing and walked away.
Prayer for Humility
How virtue can be lived out by Catholics:
- Respect can be shown in a school environment by listening to your teacher and giving them your full attention.
- Respect can be showed in sports by shaking hands at the end of the game with the opposing team as a sign of sportsmanship as your are respecting the valiant effort of your opponent.
- Respect can finally be shown in public environments by not littering in community centres, schools, and other public areas as this shows respect towards the janitors at those facilities because they are the ones who are stuck cleaning up our messes.
Poem that illustrates Respect:
How virtue can be lived out by Catholics:

-The first step in being wise is to gain experience in certain situations before you advise other people of what us right vs what is wrong.
-Another way to be wise is to think harder about every decision u make and not jump to conclusions right away. By doing this it prevents failure.
- Finally being wise is being open minded to everyone's opinion and taking what you can get and apply this your own knowledge.
Video animation: Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders:
How virtue is lived out by Catholics:
- Giving donations to the poor and different fundraisers.
-Young Catholics can volunteer at the soup kitchen and show charity towards the hungry.
-Children can also volunteer at the church or for community events that raise awareness for something that is of this matter.
Charity illustrated through:Mother Theresa
Mother Theresa is a famous individual mainly for her outstanding effort in exemplifying the virtue of charity. She is a universal symbol for this virtue due to her selfless nature. She worked hard her whole life taking care of kids in need and giving back to charities not only by donating but also by physically actions as she cared and nurtured kids in need.
How virtue can be lived out by Catholics:
- One of the best ways to practice patience is to remind yourself that things may take a while.
- When things aren't going your way with school or family it is always good to take time and be patient that things will soon get better.
- We can also practice patience by not being overly eager when a certain situation arises as too much eagerness can lead to stupid decisions, so it is always good to practice being patient and evaluating the situation.
Parable animation of the virtue: Patience
How virtue can be lived out by Catholics:
- Courage can be displayed through young children in school when it comes to presentations. For timid people it takes a lot of courage for them to speak infront of large audiences.
- We can live out this virtue by trying new things that we haven't attempted before and facing our fears.
- Lastly, one can show courage by standing up strong for what they believe in and not let anyone get in the way of their opinion.

Perseverance: Fighting past life struggles and never giving up in order to achieve happiness and success.
Humility: The state of being humble and meek in the name of God. Not gloating or overly announcing your success, but rather keeping it to yourself so you dont put others down.
Respect: simply put as the golden rule; treat others the way you want to be treated.
Wisdom: Knowing right from wrong, and the true meaning of lifehind the walls of evil. Having good judgement in difficult times.
Charity: Giving to those who are in desperate need, and not asking for anything in return. ("The Good")
Patience: The ability to remain calm and collected when confronted with delay. Being able to keep raging emotions inside and stay calm and collected.
Courage: Fighting through adversity when times get tough. Facing ones fears with the hope that the outcome would be great. The state of being fearless and acting on it.
How virtue can be lived by Catholics:
Justice: The act of treating one another in a respectful and equal fashion, referring to the individual towards another individual or the individual towards society
-Justice can be achieved in the school community by treating each and every one the same way regardless of sexual orientation, race, class, style, etc. By looking at people equally, one can make unbiased decisions and allow the community to become a more friendly space.
-Another example on how justice can be brought into the community is through promoting the rights of others, such as females being equal to men or trying to raise money for the poor.
-Bullying is a very popular form of injustice displayed commonly in school environments. By eliminating bullying either through standing up for oneself or calling out someone who is bullying and asking them to stop, this injustice can be brought to an end.
PROVERBS 31 : 8-9
Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute.
Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.
How virtue can be lived
out by Catholics:
Generosity: the act of giving relentlessly without expecting anything in return for the kind actions
- For catholic students, generosity can simply be the act of giving up one's time to help out another student in need, whether it be through tutoring or volunteering to help out a teacher. All this is done without expecting any reward in return.
- Also, Catholics can live out this virtue by donating all unused clothing to the Salvation Army, giving their extra canned goods to food banks, or dropping a few extra coins in the Church collection basket.
- Students can find other ways to be generous through simple actions such as sharing schools supplies or holding doors open for others.
Quote Illustrating Generosity
How virtue can be lived
out by Catholics:
Forgiveness: the act of removing hatred from one's heart and pardoning the sins of others just as God does with us
Comic Displaying Forgiveness
- Forgiveness in the Catholic faith is very important and so one must not hold grudges against others or want to seek revenge in order to fully understand the meaning of this virtue. We must forgive, the same way God forgives us for the sins we have done. Otherwise, it is unreasonable to expect God to forgive when we do not want to live the same way.
- After forgiving, one can say a prayer to God in hope that he will do the right thing and try to find the lesson through the wrong they did against you
Chastity: a virtue in which the urges and pleasures of sex are abstained from until marriage in order to make sure that sexual intercourse is meaningful and with moral reason
How virtue can be lived
out by Catholics:
Poem on Chastity
- Students can try and apply the virtue of chastity into their lives by abstaining from premarital sex and waiting until marriage. Not much to it. Also, making sure to be faithful to one's partner is very important for this virtue as well. By waiting until marriage, the action will become that much more special and meaningful for you know it's not purely based on lust.
How virtue can be lived by Catholics:
How virtue can be lived by Catholics:
How virtue can be lived by Catholics:
Parable of the Mustard Seed
Faith: it is the act of fully and completely putting your beliefs into something and having trust in it.
Kindness: being considerate of others feelings and acting gentle and caring towards them at all times
- In the school environment, students can ensure they follow the virtue of kindness according to the Catholic faith by always thinking before one speak and being considerate of how that would make the other person feel. Basically, not saying rude comments.
- Everyone can practice random acts of kindness and makes someone's day by holding the door open, giving up your seat on the bus, or carrying someone's books. You can be open to listening to people who are upset and offering advice.
- Maintaining a positive attitude and being open to help is always an easy way to be kinder.
- Young Catholics can continue to grow in faith my praying more often and attending mass in which they can open their eyes to the teachings of Christ and relate on some level.
- Believe that everything happens for a reason and start having faith that God has a plan for everyone.
- Students can try to pray before tests and before sports games to see if it helps them gain some sort of confidence.
Parable of the Good Samaritan
temperance: not restricting oneself from the pleasures in life but acting with self control and having moderation to more fully enjoy life's gifts
- Temperance involves self control and so this virtue can be lived out by restricting the amount of food and drink one consumes. Do not over eat but enjoy the food you have and learn to be grateful for it.
- This virtue also has to do with moderating one's emotions and so anger and jealousy are to be limited. Count your blessings instead of being envious of others.
- Also, similar expectations are with sexual intercourse as it should be done in moderation.

By: Adrian Sivaraj
By: Janis Jeyarajah
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