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The Olympians

A Latin project

Kristina Fields

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Olympians

Pluto Hades God of the Underworld and the dead The Olympian Gods Apollo The god of music, archery, medicine and the sun Mercury Hermes The messenger god, and the god of dreams, travelers, inventions, science and the arts Venus Aphrodite The goddess of love, beauty and desire Athena Minerva The goddess of wisdom, intellectual activities and battle strategies Diana Artemis The goddess of the moon and the hunt Mars Ares The god of war Hephaestus Vulcan The god of blacksmiths, craftsmen, fires and forges Jupiter Zeus God of the sky, Mt. Olympus, and the King of the gods Poseidon Neptune The god of the sea, horses and navigation Juno Hera The Goddess of marriage, mothers, and the Queen of Mt. Olympus Ceres Demeter The Goddess of agriculture and the harvest Vesta Hestia The goddess of the Hearth Dionysus Bacchus The god of wine, parties and grapes His symbols and special things... The lyre dolphin Twins with Artemis
He makes the sun rise and heals people
He like driving around hid sun chariot and woo women
He is caring, kind, artistic, musical and boastful His symbols and special things... His number He can travel anywhere instantly
He likes to deliver messages to the gods
He also likes to escort dead people to the underworld
He is tricky, fast and arrogant Her symbols and special things... Dove She makes people fall in love
She like to find lovers among both mortals and immortals
She is loving and compassionate Her Symbol and special things... The owl She gives men wisdom
She protects Athens
She likes to help people invent useful things
She likes to assist Greek heroes
She is wise, knowing, intelligent and strategic Her symbol and special things... Wolf She protects cities, women and wild animals
She likes to drive her silver chariot across the sky
She likes to run through the forest
She is caring and calm His symbol and special things... Fire He wages war
He likes to provoke conflict whenever possible
He likes to hang out in Sparta and Thebes
He is violent and war-like His symbol and special things... Eagle He punishes crimes
Protects faithful worshipers
He is married to Hera
He likes to woo the ladies
He likes to bicker with his wife
He is powerful, impatient and doubtful His symbol and special things... the hammer He married Aphrodite
He created magical objects
He likes to help mortals build things
He is careful, precise, jealous and helpful
He prefers mechanical things over people His symbols and special things... Trident He is married to Amphrodite
He controls Earthquakes, storms and other natural disasters
He likes inventing animals
He likes feuding with Athena
He is faithful, understanding and grateful Her symbols and special things... She is married to Zeus
She commands the winds
She likes to punish women wooed by Zeus as well as their children
She also likes to plot against Zeus
She is jealous and furious Peacock His symbol and special things... Owl He rules the underworld
He likes to help mortals die
He likes to listen to mourners weep
He is selfish, cruel, cold-hearted, and rude Her symbol and special things... She controls all harvests
She likes to wander the Earth rewarding and punishing cities based on cruelty and kindness
She is generous, modest, shy, kind, fierce and understanding Snake Questions... 1. Who were the Titans? They were born by Geae and she married her son Kronos and Kronos cut up his father and through him in Tartarus. 2. Who was the king of the titans? Kronos was the king, he and Geae gave birth to the gods 3. He was told that he would have a child that would overthrow him like he did his father. What did he do to prevent this? He swallowed his children Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus, the big three to solve his problem Questions continued... 4. How was his plan foiled? His plan was foiled because Geae didn't want Kronos to eat her children so she told Zeus and put a decoy in his place. Kronos then ate the rock decoy. After that Zues and the other Olympians threw them down into Tartarus. 5. Which Olympians were the children of the Titans? Hestia, Hades, Poseidon, Demeter, Hera & Zeus 6. Describe the birth of Athena? Athena was born out of the skull of Zeus. 7. Who were the parents of Apollo and Diana? What was unusual about their birth? Apollo and Diana were the children of Zeus and Leto. There birth was unusual because they were twins Questions continued... 8. Classical mythology has been a great influence on our culture (i.e. vocabulary, literature, advertising, etc.) Give five specific examples of this influence. - many pieces of literature have been influenced by Classical mythology:
-Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan
-The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan
-The Iliad and Odyssey by Homer
- The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan -also many other things such as:
-The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee
-The Pantheon in Rome and any temples dedicated to the gods
-The Luxor Hotel in Vegas
-Plays and movies:
-The Immortals
-And many many more
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