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Canvas as Foundation

No description

Dabareh Vowell

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Canvas as Foundation

Student data
Paper free courses!
Using Canvas in Face-to-Face Courses
Add for Results

Tips for Growing
Canvas as Foundation
Accessible from anywhere
Preserves records
Familiar & consistent format
Files for download
Extra Resources
For grades
For attendance
For coming to class prepared
To consult resources
To read before
coming to class
To communicate
Turning in assignments on time
Knowing what is coming up
Understanding process
Using resources wisely
Student work
Course materials
Next semester!
Student involvement
Instructor responsiveness
Use of online resources
Encourage students to
collect additional resources
Give credit to students
for creating learning
Support peer tutoring
and assistance
Students can
manipulate their grades
for optimal performance
"Just in time" teaching
Targeted resources and tutorials
Absent students
can stay caught
Students constantly informed
schedule changes
what's coming up
Course will stay in one spot:
through semesters
f-2-f or online
familiar format
Course structure will
improve and evolve
No more digging for
resources you used
last semester (for
which you forgot
the URL)
All data saved for five years
All course materials
accessible and archived
Paperless grading
No cluttered email with
assignments attached
Keep your email inbox free
so it works like it is supposed to!
Okay, so what are the
inevitable "bugs?"
It takes time
You have to enter assignments
to use the gradebook.
Students may not have computer access
You may not ever teach the course again.
You may not have access to a computer when you teach.
If you have a computer
and projector in class,
everything is accessible
and ready to go!
If you are gone,
a student or colleague can
easily go through
the lecture notes, resources,
and assignment in class and/or students can access them online
Resources don't have to be printed out, but are accessible to students online or on a mobile device.
"I use Canvas in all of my face-to-face courses, and I wouldn’t do it any other way. I’ve been paperless for over 8 years, and CMS makes me a much more easily organized teacher.

It’s also a really convenient way of helping students get their work in on time and for being held accountable for those deadlines.

When I’m at my best, I post important files we covered in class as well. E-mail function is fantastic, as it archives by student. The learning curve can be high, particularly for setting up assignments, but once you have done it correctly a couple of times, it sticks."

Kate, Humanities
"The gradebook is a bit of a challenge that I’m still working through.

In addition, the fact that not all of our students have laptops in class and I don’t have a projector in all of my classes creates some course fragmentation for me, since I like to show them where they need to be and have them do it at the same time, but that’s just part of my adjustment to a new school setting."

Kate, Humanities
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