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Annual Report Presentation

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Family Support

on 11 September 2016

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Transcript of Annual Report Presentation

Family Support Network
2015-2016 NICU Annual Report

NICU Social Events
199 families
attended our
NICU Lunch and Dinner Social Events.
Positioning Aids called "Frogs" were used by Physical Therapists and Nurses
This book provides additional education and support for families that may have lots of question about their medically fragile child's development.
NICU Family Support

"Preemies" Books were distributed to families with a baby born
27 weeks
or younger.
Our NICU Family Support Programs provide emotional support, educational resources, and caring connections to families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Cone Health Women's Hospital as well as infants with special needs that are being cared for in Central Nursery.
staff members (including one who is bilingual) served
in 2015-2016.

Collaboration with NICU staff is important to making sure every family's needs are met.
In 2016 we partnered with NICU staff in our first "Skin to Skin" challenge. An evidenced based practice to promote bonding, the challenge was a great success.
Time to make crafts..
and hear from former NICU families!
eat a home cooked meal...
All 405 families
received a welcome baby blanket, printed information about FSN services and education information covering diverse parenting topics, such as safe sleep, RSV, and mental health.
49 siblings
participated in sibling orientation and received goodie bags full of items to pass the time and better understand why their sibling can't come home yet!
255 families

participated in our monthly early literacy program, "Books for Babies," receiving a board book and information about the importance of reading early and often!
82 parents
are available to serve as NICU and Special Needs Support Parents.
5,838 miles

Elizabeth's Closet was started by a former NICU family who wanted to make sure that every family had basics to bring their new baby home.
Some of the items provided
by Elizabeth's Closet include:
- Pack n' Plays
- clothing
- diapers and wipes
- blankets and bedding
- toys/books
18 pack and plays
with bassinet inserts distributed with safe sleep information
27 bags of "baby basic items"
(clothing, diapers, wipes, bath products)
70 gas vouchers
to assist families in traveling back and forth from the hospital.
Discharge Planning Committee
Palliative Care Committee
Annual NICU Conference Parent Panel
Perinatal Quality Collaborative of NC
Developmental Care Committee
NICU Reinventing Care Committee
KidsPath Advisory Council
Perinatal Substance Abuse Committee (YWCA)
Guilford County NonProfit Consortium
Healthy Beginnings Coalition
Local Interagency Coordination Council
Ready for School, Ready for Life Leadership Team
Community Action for Healthy Babies Committee
Eligible families have a child with one or more conditions:
- born at 27 weeks or earlier
- weighing 2.2 lbs or less
- diagnosed chromosomal abnormality
- diagnosed neonatal abnormality
Our Early Intervention Specialist meets with families pre-discharge and then in their homes until the child turns 6 months old.
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