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Industrial Revolution

Collage of ideas and images of the impact of the Industrial Revolution

Susan Hooten

on 18 June 2010

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution

Name three scientific and/or technological achievements and the individual associated with each that occurred during the Industrial Revolution: 1. Cotton Gin --Eli Whitney
2. Incandescent Light Bulb --Thomas Edison
3. Telegraph -- Samuel Morse Identify a specific positive and negative impact of the Industrial Revolution: A positive result of the Industrial Revolution is the breakthroughs in agricultural growth. Having more machinery to till and harvest provided easier ways to feed and clothe larger populations. Jobs became more available as factories sprang up all around, and people's standards of living were raised. Transportation improved dramatically with the introduction of the steam engine, trains, planes and early automobiles. A negative result of the Industrial Revolution was the abuses that occurred, especially in the textile industry. Bad working conditions, unsafe workplaces, and exploitation of underage workers and even slaves contributed to misery and sometimes deaths of workers. Fires broke out in some factories and many were killed. It also led to Imperialism, which led to exploitation of nations like China.
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