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This assignment is to review articles, create a campaign and include justification on the subject of road safety

Nabeela Ghaznavi

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of PDHPE ASSIGNMENT - Road Safety

Safety Don't Know About Road Safety?
It's Never too Late to Learn In these next green bubble stops, it will
explain all about road safety, rules and the
importance of it because the road is never
safe. The bubbles will teach all about what to do
when on the road, general rules and most importantly about road safety and when you've
gone through each green stop, you'll be ready
for the road. Stage 2: Campaigning Passengers PDHPE Assignment - Nabeela Ghaznavi 8 Girls What is Road Safety? This is the most important of all people using the
roads at all times. Drivers are the one who are always in
control of the vehicle so they require maximum focus at all
times. There are MANY rules of road, some of the most
important are: never take your eyes off the road, always use the
right indicators/etc. , never drive when it's not your turn or right
of way and always maintain focus and always pay attention to
what is happening around you. Here are some pictures of some
consequences. Road Safety For Drivers As mentioned previously there are many rules
that drives have to abide by because if they don't,
there can be serious consequences, for example:
- From not looking at the road, you can crash
- By not using indicators, cars can crash into you
- If you drive when it's not your right of way, you will hit
someone or they will hit you
These are pictures of some results. General Driver's Rules As young teens, you are all going to get your
licenses in the next few years. Driving is very important
and one of the best ways to learn is through experiences.
Of course other than you practice driving, you can also pay
attention to what your parents do when driving anywhere. It is also known new drivers get into more accidents so you have to know everything pay attention. This will also guarantee you getting
your license the first go, and that you're a safe driver. All About Learning Since passengers are in the car for the ride, there are
not many rules but that doesn't mean there aren't any
because the rules are for protecting them and the driver.
Passengers can't:
- Blast music really loud
- Talk to the driver
- Not wear seat belts or sit in wrong positions
- Distract the driver in any way
The passengers cant do these things because it will distract the driver
and it puts them and the whole car in danger. Rules for Passengers Road
Rule Book People that use the roads are called Pedestrians.
Usually they are just crossing the road or riding a bike
across it but there are still safety laws for each and every
user of the road. Their safety depends on the way they abide
by the laws and how the drivers use them. These are some of
the safety precautions pedestrians should take:
- listen and look before crossing the roads
- watch traffic lights until they are green for people
- when riding a bike or walking, don't ride where cars are
- look at car indicators or people when there are mp traffic lights
these precautions help to prevent being hit by a car or any other kind
of vehicle. Pedestrians & Users Conclusion - Recap After going through each
green 'Go' bubble, you'll
be ready for the road Finish Line! Now that we've finished going through all about road
safety, this is a justification of why I've chosen this subject
and campaign; the reason I have chosen to do road safety is
simply because using the road is something we all take a risk
on everyday of our lives, probably more than once a day, and the
least we should know is about the risk we're taking. A lot of
the new drivers out there are teens and that's who usually get into
the most accidents. This campaign, made using prezi is targeting teens and will be promoted as mentioned before using prezi because
it is already online. This campaign type is an interesting way to learn, even about the boring stuff and it is the reason I have chosen to use Prezi to make a road safety campaign. This way, teens and above or
even younger kids, can learn about how to be safe when using
the road in a fun way and a way they can understand easily. Stage 3: Justification By Nabeela Ghaznavi 8G Thanks for
Watching! And remember your... "It's NEVER
too late,
to be safe.." The terms 'road safety' refer to rules and
things you should be cautious of to be safe
when using the roads where ever you are, what
ever road you're on. These rules include a role for
everyone from drivers, to passengers, to bikers, to
pedestrians; so whether you are the driver or are just
in training to be a driver, you need to know the laws. When it comes to driving, the
passenger's job is easy. The passenger
is always in the vehicle for one reason, to
travel to a place and get out of the car. So
whether you're getting out shortly or in a long trip, the people in passengers need to be very cautious of what they are doing. You have finally finished the road safety program. Just to
recap, road safety are different precautions we take to be
safe and keep others safe when using the road. Everyone has
their own job and the people who use the roads can be drivers, learners, passengers or pedestrians. Drivers need to maintain their focusness at all times, learners should pay attention to what to
do, passengers shouldn't distract anyone and pedestrians have to keep their eye out when using the roads.
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