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House of Dies Drear

No description

Gabby Seibert

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of House of Dies Drear

Thomas: a 13 year old, African American boy who moves to Ohio with his family
Pluto:caretaker of the House of Dies Drear, is called the "devil"
Mayhew:Pluto's son, who is an actor and sometimes disguises himself.
The theme of "The House of Dies Drear" would be the Underground Railroad.
Literary examples
1."It looks just like someone cut the house open underneath and let its blood run out!" Page 18
2."Their needles were as large as railroad spikes" Page 3
3."The trees gave it off as if they were dripping turpentine" Page 3
"He had a moment to look at the House of Dies Drear, the hill and the stream all at once." Page 18
Historical events
The Underground Railroad was a system, before the Civil War, that helped slave fugitives in their escape to the Northern States.
In the Underground Railroad, there was dangers of being caught so there were many places to hide in the house, barn, etc.
Abolitionists, people against slavery, aided in the escape of many slaves in the Underground Railroad. Many slaves made it to freedom, but some died.
More Historical Events
Slavery ended in 1868 because of the 14th amendment.
After the Civil War, slaves were free, but many did sharecropping.
calamity (pg. 5): misery; grievous affliction; adversity; a great misfortune or disaster
gingerly (pg. 90): wary; cautious; careful
More Vocabulary...
solemnly (pg. 69): grave; sober; serious; earnest
stalagmite (pg. 92): a deposit of dripping percolating water on the floor of a cave or the like
The End:
Audrey Justice, Gabby Seibert, and Josh Cottrell
In "The House of Dies Drear", Thomas and his family, moves to Ohio in a house that was part of the Underground Railroad. Later on, Thomas and his father meet Mr.Pluto and Mayhew, Pluto's son. Then lastly, Mayhew and the Smalls pull a prank on the Darrow brothers...
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