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Full Tilt

No description

natalie wichele

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Full Tilt

FULL TILT Author: Neal Shusterman
Name: Natalie Wichele FULL TILT The setting of Full Tilt is during nighttime at an amusement park.
No era. The mood is dark, spooky, and mysterious. SETTING The main characters in Full Tilt are Blake, Quinn, Maggie, and Russ.
Their conflict is to get out of this amusement park alive before dawn. MAIN CHARACTER(S)/
THEIR CONFLICT PLOT The plot overview of the story Full Tilt is that three kids; Blake, Maggie, and Russ go to an amusement park that Blake was invited to but his brother Quinn went instead. So the three of them go and try to get Quinn out of the amusement park, but things don't go as easily as planned. Instead of being able to find Quinn and just leave, the three teens; Blake, Maggie, and Russ have to find Quinn, and have to get through seven rides alive before dawn or else all four of them will be stuck at the amusement park forever and their souls will belong to The Works. Also, the genre of this story is fiction. The conflict is that four teens are trapped in an amusement park. The resolution is that Blake survives all seven rides and everyone is free. Conflict/Resolution " Remember that there is a way off of every ride." This quote explains the tone of the book because the book is very ironic, because the children had to use their imagination to think of ways to escape the rides. Tone A quote that illustrates the character Cassandra is when she says, "Experience it with me, Blake." This describes Cassandra because she is very persuasive, sneaky, and clever. Quote(s) Theme Personal Response A large message I took from this novel was to always believe in yourself. This novel made me feel anxious to what would happen next. The Theme was a Coming of Age, and to work together no matter what.
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