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My Life & Future Career


natalia Boodoo

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of My Life & Future Career

My Life Career By: Natalia Boodoo
Ms.San Agustin
GLC2O0 Success to me means, an accomplishment of a goal you have been working towards. What Does Success Mean to Me? I want to go to work & have fun looking like this... My dream house My Dream Life Personality Results Personality & Skills Test Results Photojournalist My Career My Resume Marketing Myself Photojournalism How will I Dress & Act During the Interview What are your strengths ? Interview Questions
1. Careercrusing.com

2. Sevicecanada.gc.ca

3. Ontariojobfutures.ca Three Most Important Links From The Myclass Site Over the course of this class I have learned how to chart my course, work towards it, and what steps I have to take to have a successful future. This course has taught me that every grade in high school reflects on my life and my career. I have learned how to write my own resume, look for a job, make smart decisions, and chart my course by taking the right courses I need to help my career in the future. What Have I Learned Mark Zuckerberg Mark is successful by becoming the youngest self earning billionaire. Coco Chanel Coco Chanel was one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. "Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman."
(One of her many famous quotes) I want to leave an impression and be original when I apply for a job that is important to me. To be a photographer traveling around the world. To live in British Columbia. My personality results showed that I am investigative and conventional. I do prefer to work alone, I am confident with my intellectual abilities, and I also have the strong need to understand the world, which shows that I am investigative. However I do not think that I am conventional because I do not avoid ambiguous situations, I'm not orderly persistent or calm, and nor do save my money and buy conservatively. As a result I think that I am more investigative than conventional. Skills Results My skills results showed that I have kinesthetic and bodily skills. I agree that I am better at doing hands on jobs because it is easier for me to learn on the job. As a result I do agree with my skills test results. Photojournalists' income yearly is approximately $26,170 yearly.
The practice of taking photographs of a story is photojournalism.
They need to be able to work with people and interdependently for long periods of time.
Work nationally, locally, or internationally.
Can have different qualifications for different areas of work such as, politics, sports, future events, or war.
Photojournalism may take time away from family/friends for weekends or weeks at a time. For example with world travel you will be working with various types of people and may be away for long periods of time.
After graduation there will be available jobs because photojournalism is current and will always be in need. This job gives me the opportunities that I desire which are traveling, and culture experience. If I were to be interviewed for a job as a photojournalist I would be very friendly, out going, imaginative and on time. I will dress professionally and neat, but I will also have my own style and use it to stand out. I would want to have all these traits when I am being interviewed because I want to leave an impression. What are your weaknesses? Are you willing to travel? Why should we hire you? Why do you want this job? I have the ability to capture photographs in an interesting way, I have become very successful in completing tasks, and I get the job done. My weaknesses are communicating my ideas/plans, and explaining them to other individuals. Yes I am willing to travel because I think that it is an amazing experience and that I would enjoy doing very much. You should hire me because I get the job done, I have the skills to do this job, and because I would enjoy doing this job well and right. I want this job because it offers everything that I'm looking for in a career, and in life. I have the opportunity to travel, interact with new cultures, and see the world.
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