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Bar Graph

No description

Nick Willbur

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Bar Graph

Question 1: How many more people like red than purple?
Question 2: How many people like yellow and purple skittles together?
Type of Data Represented
Step 1: Look at the title to see what the graph is about
Step 2: Look at x axis to see what the symbols are representing
Step 3: Look at the y axis to see what those symbols are representing
Step 4: Look at the bars and how high or long they reach to determine the value of it
Step 5: See what information the bars reveal about the graph
Example Bar Graph 2
Example Bar Graph 1
Parts of a Bar Graph
The parts of a bar graph are: x axis, y axis, title, axes labels , bars
Bar Graphs
By: Nick Willbur, Reed Nichols, and Nick Madden
Bar Graphs are used to compare and find patterns or sequences in groups of data. We use bar graphs to compare data closely.
Question 1: How many more kids have cats than dogs?
Question 2: How many more kids have fish than birds?
Question 3: How many pets do all the kids have together?
Question 3: Do more people like orange and purple together or red and yellow together?
The End

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