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Found By Margaret Peterson Haddix

This prezi is a demonstration of the elements of literature in the book Found.

Nicole Jarrett

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Found By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Peterson Haddix Found Jonah is a smart, caring, and calm.
Chip is curious, scared and nervous.
Katherine is calm, girly, and determined The plot of Found. Important Characters of Found Exposition- A plane full of babies with no pilot landed unexpectedly.
Rising action- Finding out Chip was adopted and so was Jonah.
Conflict- Getting strange letters in the mail with no return address saying they will be found.
Climax- Talking to a FBI agent and finding a list of names under "witness" and "survivors."
Falling action- Getting a letter for a adoption meeting.
Resolution- Conflicts of Found. The main conflict in Found is getting a mysterious letter from someone Chip and Jonah do no know. Also they both have to deal with the fact that they were adopted. They also visit an FBI agent and now are wondering why there names were on a survivors list. This mystery keeps going on and on. Enjoyment of the book Found. Someone who enjoys mysterious types of things would enjoy found. Its all about mystery's. Teenagers or adults would love this book.
If you watch crime shows or things that keep you wondering about the idea, you'd love this book.
You could really listen to any kind of music to enjoy this book you just need to have some mysterious things to really enjoy it.
If you enjoy this book you could read the 2nd one Sent or Margaret Peterson Haddix's bestselling Among The Hidden. Nicole Jarrett 1st Hour Websites: http://www.cast.org/teachingeverystudent/toolkits/images/TMP_plotdiagram.jpg



http://i.ytimg.com/vi/XNT60VEpSr0/0.jpg English 3-4 Written
By: (The Missing: Book 1)
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