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Ma'Kaiyla Petties

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Zora Neal Hurston-Their Eyes Were Watching God

#1:The Intrusive Author:
A: The intrusive author is simply a narrator.The audible life of a story

A.Literatures allure.Keeping you fascinated with the story..on edge..yearning to know what comes next.
#3: point of view
A.The standpoint, or knowledge through which the story is told.
A. A brief statement that represents the beginning of a story.
B. A preface is the setup for what has yet to come. A statement of information that scratches the surface..only shows the tip of the iceberg. A preface can be what leads to a beginning, or be your beginning.
A. The simultaneous giving of a characters feelings, emotions, ideas and etc., as they are created in the novel.
B.As a reader, the story, combined with the use of the stream of consciousness, evokes sympathy and sorrow towards the character, that information is being revealed on.
B.Though we live it every day, fiction novels are how we quench our thirst for a"knowledge and understanding". To hear a voice, in comparison to looking at printed words alone, makes the story more inviting. Used before the turn of the 19Th century,where it was eventually was titled "authoritative" and overpowering "realistic illusions", authors were creating.

C.The story is setup as Janie, the main character, telling a story to her best friend pheoby.Still there is a narrator who knows the intent, emotion and thought of every character.
B.The technique in using suspense, is the way it continuously holds your attention.It raises more questions in your head than you have time to answer.The job of suspense is to present a jeopardizing scene,that the character seemingly can not escape.Suspense is only truly, successful when the scene has reached a point of emotional control in the audience. Increasing the adrenaline running through the audience member, as they watch, or read, an experience, that feels all too realistic.
C. In the book Janie means well, but the mad dog disease is taking Tea Cake over mentally. Janie notices the change, just as Tea Cake starts a dispute.Tea cake runs out.Janie knows the pistol is loaded.She arranges the chambers to the empty half..a security measure on her behalf.Now we wonder if that will save her life in the next two minutes of the novel.When Tea Cake returns he is noticeably aggitated.Janie continues to give answers he doesn't like.The pistol snaps once.Janie draws the rifle.Her hand trembles too bad to load a single shell.The second snap is audible.what we read in two minutes, is happening in a matter of seconds.Will Janie survive?
B. in a novel there is usually a group of characters.This group gives off a set of multiple personality, emotions, thoughts and etc., that can not be simultaneously perceived by the audiene.To disperse the knowledge of the characters,the correct point of view has to be chosen by the author.The point of view is a direct correlation to the spoken narration, and the reaction of the audience.
C. the narration that is not Janie, constantly uses the terms "He" and "She".
Ex: "He steadied himself against the .."She had wanted him to..." and etc..
C. Chapter 1, paragraph 3: "So the beginning of this was a woman and she had come back from burying the dead. Not the dead of sick and ailing with friends at the pillow and feet. She had come back from the sodden and the bloated; the sudden dead, their eyes flung wide open in judgement." (Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neal Hurston)
A. Taking something we are well aware of, and presenting it to us in a new light, making this rhetoric self-explanatory."de-familiarization"
B.The skill of this rhetoric is so strong, that the when a magical blend of diction flows correctly, what is well known to the audience is now looked at in a new freshness, a new air. Taking the topic at hand (Cleopatra) and making it more, than we would have simply labeled, and familiarized it with.
D. Was used throughout the romantic writing period in English literature..One of the most notable use was the poetry created by a sir William Wordsworth
A. A clarity as to where you are, how you can relate, live, and interact with whats surrpounding you.
B. In a "Sense Of Place", the words and description of the book do not serve a purpose of imagery, but to give the audience a true sense of the place. To not simply appeal to the readers senses, but take part in offering the audience a vivid experience of what takes place. Just as it occurs, and just as it looks, and feels between the character and the moment.
The moment where we, the audience, are given the opportunity to first take in a new character, in a brief scene.(usually where we gain a new knowledge, or the chance to puzzle a piece of the story together.)
B.When you introduce a character, you are introducing details that lace the interest of your novel.despite that there is a complexity in trying to narrow down and specify, the importance of a character, when character
D. Williams and Roggenbuck 1989, were one of the handful of authors who used "Sense Of Place", in one of its various ways.Practicing this literary device by use of environmental psychology.
D.in 1939, or the modern writing period of literature, authors are more in tuned with what is around them.This is the time where they use whats around them, to create an index, used as a platform to introduce characters in novel.
A. The unexpected occurrence in a story.
B. By including the element of surprise, you throw off the readers thought, of what is sure to happened next.By adding such a twist in the plot, you renew the readers interest, and strengthen the grasp you have on their attention, as well as the control of their focus.
D. In Tyler Perry's, Temptation, character A an estranged and mysterious woman, frightened of her surroundings.
Character B is cheating on her husband.chaacter A is running from her ex, who attempted to kill her and transmitted aids to her.The husband of character B finds out that the ex of cataract A is who is wife is cheating with. The narrator is character C, the sister of character B.At the end of the story, we find out there is no sister to character B and C are the same women.
A. To jump between spaces of story
B.By "deviating from chronological order", you allow yourself, as the storyteller to create a platform of Q & A in the listeners mind.Where there is a question there is a yearn to receive an answer.Knowing they need to put their focus on you for an entirety of the story.
C.In "Their Eyes Were Watching God", by Zora Neal Hurston,The books starts off with the ending.Describing Janie as she comes home dirty overalls on her back, hair unruly against her spine and bare feet.clearly a woman of greater stature, and clearly the end to a story, you want to know from the beg.
A. The narrators audience
B.Just as a storyteller has an audience, so does the narrator.Even in fairytale we assume know, or make up an imagined person, that the narrator is directly speaking to.
C. In my personal book,Janie is telling Pheoby a story.Pheoby is Janie's narratee.Still Janie was not the direct narrator to the novels audience.Myself and any other reader of the novel are the narratee's of the unknown narrator.
A. A form of mood representation.
B.As stated, "weather affects our mood".your mood and your actions share a direct corrilation.The description of weather can be used to evoke certain emotions in the reader and identify those of the character.
C.As Janie approaches the town, it is stated that the entire town notices her because it is sundown.Sundown is clearly noted as the time for porch gatherings.
A. Excessive, or abundant use of a word, phrase, or etc..

B. How you "string together statements...", that will intertwine to evoke a certain feeling within a reader, or audience member.
C. Tea cake, is young and Janie is much older.In stories Janie has witnessed, she has moments of extreme doubt in Tea Cake and what his intents are.He soothes her by repeating: "You have the keys to my kingdim"
A:Where you experiment in writing, by establishing new writing techniques into a novel.
B.Authors are defamiliarizing the way we "perceive reality".Experiments in literature are appreciated, because they usually serve a purpose, of making something known, displaying a new point.when you pin point an experiment in literature it will normally be an imitation of real world and society.
D. From the 1880's to the 1940's, naturalistic writers used "The Experimental Novel", in what was called the naturalism period of literature.(a period of more detailed realism, used to express different settings around the character or author)
A.Our modern day fairytale, portrayed to be realistic in a story.
B.Usually settled in a story, be believe to be no less than real.We the readers know hat the occurrence of events, are things that are impossible outside the pages of the book.
D.In the setting of the classic Disney movie "Aladin", Aladin takes princess Jasmine riding on a flying carpet during the night
The difference in literature where words are telling us what happened, or appealing to our senses to show us what happened.
B.Showing and telling is an alternation between simple dialogue(where the characters unknowingly tell us what is occurring) and showing us, which is when imagery is used(descriptive words, combined with personification, hyperbole's and etc) to appeal to our senses, and give us the ability to see the scenario.
c.In my personal book, as I go through Janie's life, there is a dialogue between her and her best friend, that tells us Tea Cake is now gone.The 200 pages is combined with multiple areas of showing, that describe every detail down to atmospheric feel, and works up to perfectly showing me how Tea Cake dies.
A:Multiple narrators through out a story.
B.the narrators will speak, when a part of the story correlates to the character they portray.This enhances the emotion and interest in parts of the story.With the multiple narrators, narrating for their characters, they can bring ease to any anticipation you may have built up throughout the book.
D.Used shortly after the contemporary literary period began.Used to tell stories of characters who were constantly taking on new values,changes, situation.This was esp. easy because we were not far from a change of millennium and always entering a change of societal culture different from past generations.
A. A representation of something, usually never meant to be forgotten.
B. More complex in literature, than any symbol of the world.Esp. when it is the creation of the author. You don't know what to connect it to yet.Its harder to specify its representation, so it eventually becomes the anticipation in yor head..."what does that mean? Ooh its a --no, that cant be it, I have to continue reading!
D.In the book "The Secret Garden", The garden itself stands for more than what the title portrays.It is not just a forbidden secrecy, but behind the locked doors, it was a symbol of dead love, what made the father live with passion,and all at once, was no longer tangible.With time this Garden, this symbol would become his greatest treasure and possession.
A, When the character(s) of the book represent a symbol.
B.More than what it appears to be, allegory is a form of symbolism that has a meaning, most readers simply scratch the surface of. Its purpose is deeper than than any personification or simile you can tack onto it.
C.(EXCERPT FROM MY PERSONAL BOOK)"Ships at a distance have every mans wish on board.For some they come in with the tide.For others they sail forever on the horizon, never out of sight, never landing until the Watcher turns his eyes away in resignation, his dream mocked to death by Time.That is the life of men"(the allegory of "Ships at a distance..." and what they symbolize to the author.
D.Pg.184, shows that while Tea Cake is taken over with disease and attempting to kill Janie, she saves herself and still attempts to hold and cushion him as he falls to the ground in death.In the end, she is more emotionally torn over his body.This compelled me to tears, and pulled at me emotionally, making me extremely sympathetic towards her.
A.The identification of a book.
B.The first feature we recognize.The title holds the dominance of a book, along with its ability to draw in a potential reader and make he/she commit to enduring the books printed journey.
D.My junior year, I read a book entitled "Nigger".The word alone strikes up conflict, I thought "a word so..as a title..what?" I picked it up instantly, and I didn't put the book down for almost a week.Titles can be the most attractive part of a book.

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