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The Runaway Jury

No description

Zuzia Stencel

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of The Runaway Jury

The Runaway Jury
John Grisham
What's it about?
Widow of a
heavy smoker (nałogowy palacz)
for the death of her husband blames the tobacco company. She decides to sue this company. On one side, a single woman , and on the other powerful and rich, hiring the best lawyers company. Millions of dollars are at stake on this court case. Lawyers on both sides are fighting to win the process before it begins. They just have to
properly (prawidłowo)
choose the composition of the jury and skillfully influence their decisions. Among the twelve men and women who spend verdict, however, is someone who who much skillfully uses the manipulation.
This presentation is about John Grisham's book.
This book is a kind of
legal trhiller (trhiller prawny)
About the author
Main Characters
Major Themes
My opinion
Zuzanna Stencel
John Grisham is an American writer, author of legal thrillers and detective stories.
Grisham was born on February 8, 1955, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, in the United States as the second of five siblings. His parents were Baptists with modern views.

In 1988 came his first legal thriller, A Time to Kill which he had been working for three years. His second novel - Company - in 1991 was in seventh place on the bestseller list. So far, he has sold over 60 million copies of his books and is one of two authors who have sold 2 million copies of the first
issue (wydanie)
(the other is Tom Clancy).

Rankin Fitch
Wendall Rorh

Serious trial about
compensation (odszkodowanie)
. Two big law offices which represents a
sued (pozwany)
and a
plaintiff (powód)
and jury chosen by random. The novel describes the extraordinary manipulation. One of the major characters is trying to
deceive (oszukać/zmylić)
everybody around him and it brings the desired effect.
"The Runaway Jury" is a very interesting story with an unexpected
termination (zakończenie)
Nicholas Easter

Frank Herrera

Main Characters
Interesting facts
Should people be allowed to smoke if they want to? Why or why not?
The power of major corporations

Triumph for the little man
The abuse of the American
legal system

(system prawny)
The novel is based on a true event - the most famous lawsuit of 90s
Based on a novel was filmed a movie with the same title
Pluses // Minuses
learn about jury selection
mysterious character
author reminds us that tobacco company is evil
conspiracy theory of Big Tobacco
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