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Fan Fiction

ENG 514

Coral Rost

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Fan Fiction

Reportedly the largest Fanfiction
online archive.
Over a million fanfictions
1) Space
2) Social Community
3) Creativity
4) Identity
5) Education & Learning
What does
How is Fanfiction being
Approached by Scholars?
• within educational & classroom settings
• as a tool for ELLs
• as a platform for forming identity
• "Slash" Fiction:
• Anime fandoms
Black's Approach:
•Physical vs. conceptual space
•Social Engagement
•Expansion of Identity for ELL 's
•Inclusion of ELL's
•Equal Opportunities for ELL's
& 'Newbies'
Fan Fiction

Black, Rebecca. “Fanfiction Writing and the Construction of Space.” Symposium
Journals 4.4 (2007): Web. 20 Nov. 2012.

“Language, Culture, and Identity in Online Fanficiton.” Symposium Journals 3.4
(2006): Web. 20 Nov. 2012. E-Learning and Digital Media.

Mathew, Kerri; Adams, Christopher. “I Love Your Book, but I Love My Version
More: Fanfiction in the English Language Arts Classroom.” The Alan Review-Virginia Tech 36.3 (2009): Web. 20 Nov. 2012.
Mathew &
Adams' Approach
• Support for the development of
critical analysis
• Expression of passion for
literature among "young people"
• Comparable to classical approaches
to literature
• Real application to social/societal issues
• Hopeful and Justifiable
• Individual agency over a focus on curriculum
What's Next?
• Gender: female dominated community
• What are female responses to the female
roles in contemporary teen fiction?
• Change of the classroom setting?
• How is this related to identity formation?
• How is this breaking down the systems
of oppression that are present in society?
• Jenkins; Bakhtin; Rhiannon Bury
• Individual Agency over personal

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