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poisonous plants

No description

gary kahl

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of poisonous plants

By: Gary William Kahl
What are other names that people call the Jimsonweed?
Devil's weed
Hell's bell
Devil's trumpet
Where is Jimsonweed found, and at what time of the year can this be found?
Jimsonweed grows in fields pastures agronomic(or the sciences applied to soil), and vegetable crop lands, orchards, vineyards, ditchbanks, livestock enclosures, roadsides and other open or unmanaged disturbed places.
The Jimsonweed grows in the months June-September
What is some of the minor affects of Jimsonweed?
Jimsonweed causes Tachycardia-which is an abnormaly rapid heart rate.
causes blurred vision
causes hallucinations
causes confusion
and causes combative behavior.
what are some of the major affects of Jimson weed?
Causes coma
Causes seizures
Causes death rarly
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