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The DNA Age

by Amy Harmon for The New York Times

Lucia Muhr

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The DNA Age

The DNA Age A Pulitzer Prize-winning series
of articles by Amy Harmon Katherine Moser, 23, at a nursing home
with her cousin, James, who has Huntington's disease DNA-test --> Huntington's disease if Huntington's runs in your family -->50 percent chance of getting it no hope for a cure
Deborah Lindner, 33 carries the gene BRCA1 --> breat cancer gene 1 risk of developing breast cancer 60% - 90% "previvors" = people who decide to fight against the disease before it even breaks out mastectomy = to remove the breasts "gift of knowledge" Pulitzer-Prize-winning series of articles "DNA-Age" by Amy Harmon explores the impact of genetic technology on
American life Author & Medium Pulitzer Prize for "Explanatory Reporting" NY-Times 2008 2001, she won the Pulitzer prize for "National Reporting" Tonality & Style narrative, storytelling complex subject but not complicated human stories Techniques accompanied people interview Elements of Journalism Journalists have to make the significant interesting and relevant create mental pictures Good explanatory reporting should: use interesting characters tell the story behind the story Could it be published in Austria? Standard Ethical dilemmas? not the way of reporting but the subject itself Any questions? Thank you for your attention
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