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Colony project social studies 1st period

No description

makalah roberts

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Colony project social studies 1st period

Colony project social studies
By: Kayla,Makalah,Sammy,Nathan,Jonathan
Our name is neon wolves the reason why is this:
: the reason why we chose this world because all neon color are bright which show how bright this colony will be.
: the reason why is because wolves go in a pack and we want every one at our colony work together and stay loyal to each other,
Our Colony Name & why?
~We have decided to build our colony north from u.s.a and Canada. The reason why is because not a lot of land is owned in the northern regions
We came from U.S.A (united states of America)
where we are from
Reason for settlement:
the reason why is to get away from Countries that didn't respect people for who they are like for example religion. This way everyone is able
to live together no matter what.
Government: Oligarchy

the reason why is
because we don't want
to rush the government
because we just made
a colony. We might
change our government
later on.
we are moving
out colony
to northern
north America
yall dont notice this
Rules! ☺
Our rules are this....
~you must respect everyone for who they are
~ You must also work together with every one to make this colony
~ you also must respect animals and the habitats (ex. Wolfs)
~must respect everyone
~You must help anyone anyway you can
(most of the rules are on the charter)

If you follow these rules you will find there will be rewards in our charter of the colony !
Add link: http://www.wideo.co/view/1947051412288961317

Charter link : https://docs.google.com/a/hallco.org/document/d/1wYgp-MYPCvMOKsphDzwKwj_Dq3VBcN7TxXd587fdFGs/edit

And we like cold ;P
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