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Cuban Son

A timeline showing how the first four days of the online PR battle between Nestle and Greenpeace . It shows the numbers of people online who helped drive the PR disaster for Nestle over the company's alleged use of unsustainable palm oil and resultant dam

Alexander Held

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Cuban Son

A blend of African and Spanish Traditions
Early Music Son (Sound) A combination of Spanish Cancion, Spanish guitar, and African rhythms and percussion instruments of the Bantu and Arara origin. Popular in Oriente and in Havana by 1910 Along with other European culture, e.g., English.
Rise of soneroes agreed a social media firestorm that spread across the globe reaching millions of people in the course of a few short days to get the social media masses mobilised and word started to spread across social networks By friday, march 19 let me do the math for you THat's 30 pages of tweets with 50 tweets per page on a single search term on a single day so if 50
reach 18,OOO THEN 1500 TWEETS
COULD HAVE REACHED 540,000 started to appear
Rhythm - Polyrhythmic percussion

Voice (call-and-response)

Absence of melodic instruments of an Arabic or European kind
Characteristics Chinese contribute the Chinese Cornet
in the late 19th Century.
Roaring 20's Gambling Radio mafia 1928, Rita Montaner's El Manicero Beny More is credited as one of the most influential Cuban Son artists He incorported Guarcha, Mambo and Bolero Buena Vista Social Club (@ 1:00) La Guarapachanga
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