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The Alchemist--Hero's Journey

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Hannah Neal

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of The Alchemist--Hero's Journey

Hannah Neal
Period 8-Cook
11/24/12 The Alchemist Hero's Journey # 1: The Ordinary World #12: Return Santiago is a young Shepard, raised and educated by his family to be a priest. He likes his sheep, but he also likes to travel. He spends his days in the fields, walking. He wants to find treasure, like he has always dreamed of. Santiago meets with a gypsy/ dream reader, and she basically tells him that he will find treasure. Along with his visit with the King of Salem, Melchizedek, who gives him one black and one white stone that will help him. #4: Meeting with the Mentor Santiago was definitely tested when he trusted too quickly, and got robbed of almost all of his possessions. #6: Tests, Allies, & Enemies Santiago transforms into a new and improved person when he meets with the Alchemist. When this happens, Santiago realizes a lot of things. He believes that Fatima is more important than his treasure, and that he can transform himself into the wind. #8: Ordeal, Death, and Rebirth Santiago returns to home and digs by the sycamore tree he saw in his dream. There, he finds coins and jewels and just many treasures. He has completed his journey, and also still loves Fatima. He can now return to her, too. He now has knowledge that no one else has heard of, and he can communicate with the world. #2: The Call to Adventure Santiago was called to adventure when he kept on having dreams about finding a treasure. He was called to adventure by his dreams. He knew he needed to find it, he felt as if it was his destiny. #3: Refusal of the Call Santiago begins to make excuses of why he can't go. "My sheep will be lonely without me," and so on. He knows he wants to, but he feels like he cannot do it. #5: Crossing the Threshold Santiago sells his flock of sheep and takes a boat to Tangier in Africa. He no longer has a Shepard's life, he left that behind. #7: The Approach When Santiago is trying to earn back the money that he lost, he starts working for a crystal merchant. When he joins a caravan, he realizes that he needs to just keep going in order to fulfill his journey.
Santiago approaches this by making sure that he watches what he is doing at all times, and that he also doesn't make the same mistakes he did before. #9: Reward In The Alchemist, Santiago's reward is very important to him. He reaches his final goal when he realizes where the treasure really is. Santiago has fallen in love with Fatima, and is going back to the Sycamore tree, where he knows the treasure is. #10: The Road Back On his journey back, Santiago realizes that he would be content with just staying with Fatima. He still wants to finish what he started, though. He continues the finish up his journey by bringing the treasure back. #11: Resurrection Santiago is tested one more time when he is beat up and stole from by some men. He still does not give up, for he knows he will make it home. He continues to be strong and stays on the path home. Also, his dream saved him because the men don't really believe that the treasure is where he thinks it is.
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