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Be Time Sheet Ready!

No description

Nia Robinson

on 19 June 2016

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Transcript of Be Time Sheet Ready!

Be Time Sheet Ready:
Financial Capability In Your Summer Internship

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is the process by which employers pay an employee for the work they have done.
Any business with employees should have a
involves many aspects including, withholding taxes (or payment to the government) from each paycheck and making sure accurate funds are paid to the correct government agency.
Time cards indicate when the employee was there (start time, end time, and date). Be sure to sign in on your
when you begin to work and sign out at the end of work. You are only paid for the hours that you actually work-like a scoreboard or a report. You will sign your
at the end of the week and your worksite supervisor must sign in as well.

is used to calculate your pay.
What is payroll?
: Your work site supervisor will share information regarding lunch breaks and other time requirements, such as hours of operation.
Be on Time
: "Time is money" so by failing to be on time you reduce your opportunity to earn money. Plus showing up on time is an important way to make a positive impression with your employer.
Time Sheets
are used to document actual hours worked. If you do not turn in your
, or are missing other payroll documents, you will not be paid and your payment may be delayed.
When a supervisor signs a
, s/he is certifying that the hours recorded by the employee are correct to the best of the supervisors knowledge.
When an employee signs a
, s/he is certifying that the document accurately reflects the hours actually worked or covered by a leave benefit. Employees should never sign
for supervisors.

Key Points to Know About Time Sheets:
Be Ready To Work:
Someone is counting on you to do your job. If work starts at 9 AM that does not mean show up at 9 AM, it means be ready to work at 9 AM.
What happens if I'm late?
If this is the case, call your worksite or supervisor as soon as possible to let them know. If you are late often, you could be suspended or lose your job.
If you have any additional questions about payroll ask your supervisor.
Professional Behavior Tips
Tip 1
: Respect yourself and others
Tip 2
: Be self-motivated and discipline yourself
Tip 3
: Make connections with your coworkers and manager.
Tip 4
: Use appropriate language (no foul words).
Tip 5
: Be a good listener and learn from your mistakes.
Tip 6:
Limit phone or technology use to only when appropriate or allowed. Otherwise, be sure to silence your phone or turn it off entirely.
Key Takeaways
Payroll is the process in which employers pay employees for the work they have done
Your timesheet is used to calculate your pay.
Remember only accept checks from your employer and sources you trust AND you can only deposit your check once.
Remember professional behaviors can ensure a successful time working and may help you to obtain future opportunities.
Your time sheet will be used to determine your paycheck.
Only take checks from trusted sources such as your employer. If you have deposited your check via a photo or an online app with your financial institution, you CANNOT deposit this same check again.
Enrolling in direct deposit will allow you to get your pay more quickly but if you do not have direct deposit, please be sure to cash or deposit your check in a timely fashion or you may lose out on your hard earned funds.

Thank you for completing Be Time Sheet Ready!
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