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Rejects Of Society

No description

Daveed Roopnarain

on 10 October 2015

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Transcript of Rejects Of Society

Our solution
We wanted to create an app that allows students of all ages to get the support that they've needed to "KNOW" that they are supported and are deserving.
Our Creation
In the end we created an app that is basically a psychologist that will help boost a students selfesteem and help them understand that they are worth it.
Who are we?
We call ourselves the "Rejects of society" we belive that people shouldn't ever have to feel like they were just born a waste just because of the way they are dressed or express themselves.
Screen Shots
The creators:

Trevian : Adidas trainer
Kevin : Logic sweater
Daveed : C/I shirt
The Problem
Society today puts students in a state of idea that they must not feel supported.
It also "dehumanizes" students to the idea that not all are smart or advanced because of the way they look or express themselves.
Rejects Of Society
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