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BOY, Tales of Childhood

No description

Monique Douglas

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of BOY, Tales of Childhood

The Great Mouse Plot
Repton & Shell

Task 5:. Read all the extracts from the letters Roald Dahl sent home to his mother
and list all the spelling mistakes you can find. (N.B There should be at least 17!)

Task 6: We get to know a character in the following ways:

By the way he/she looks like
By what he/she says
What he/she does
What other characters or the author say about him/her

Rule up three columns with Matron, Hardcastle and Corkers (p150) at the top
and then fill in examples for the above qualities.

Task 7: Explain the system of STARS and STRIPES in your own words.
Roald Dahl experiences real pain when he was given six strokes of the cane
as a result of having a stripe and probably bears the scars to this day.
How many scars do you have on your body? Describe how you got them. (TEEL)

St Peter's
Going to Norway
Task 1:
The Great Mouse Plot
Illustrate your favourite
quote from the chapter.
Include the quote.

Task 2:
Write a letter from
Mrs Pratchett to her sister in
London and give a graphic
account of the
Great Mouse Plot
from her point of view.

Roald Dahl
BOY, Tales of Childhood
Task3: Imagine you are Roald Dahl and write a
holiday letter home to a school friend in England from Norway.
Please include the following:

How you and the rest of the family travelled to Norway
How you all coped with the luggage
The visit with Bestemama and Bestepapa
The food and drink
The hotel on Tjome
The secret Island
The beauty of the fjords

Write down the following adjectives that describe the character of Roald Dahl in your workbook, leaving a few lines between each one. Read games and Photography and Goodbye School at the end of the book and find incidents and comments that show how the words apply to ‘boy’ as he emerges as a young man.
a) sporty
b) creative
c) individual
d) kind
e) adventurous
f) intelligent
g) self confident
h) honest
i) brave

Task 8
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