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No description

Ashley B

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Tornados

by: Ashley B.
What makes tornadoes so unpredictable?
Tornadoes are so unpredictable because they form so suddenly. They don't leave enough time for meteorologists to gather weather data.When they do get enough data, lots of times it's already ripping up the town.We are lucky to have them warn us some before it strikes.
When is a tornado most likely to strike?
There is a place called tornado ally that stretches from Texas to nebraska.This is where a tornado is most likely to happen. Tornadoes happen in April, May, or June.Although tornadoes can occur any time of day, they are most common in the evening.
What was the worst tornado?
The tri- state tornado was the deadliest tornado. It killed 695; injured 2,000; and let 10,000 homeless.The tri-state tornado went though 3 states. It started in Missouri, then ripped through Illinois,and finished in Indiana.
How can we prepare for a tornado?
You can prepare for a tornado by making an emergency kit. Make sure your family knows where to go. If a tornado strikes, hide under a mattress or blanket to protect yourself from glass and other flying stuff.If you are in a car, turn off your car and lie down in a ditch if it isn't filled with water.
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