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The negative effects of Nuclear Energy

School project for Mrs. Stewart's Room 18 class.

Connor Tribble

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of The negative effects of Nuclear Energy

This is our beloved home

But what are we doing
to hurt it?
We are using
nuclear energy
which destroys
plants animals and their enviroments
Nuclear energy also hurts
the environment due to the fact that there is no safe place to put the fuel rods. These are highly radioactive so they are dumped in the environment which causes large portions of un-domesticated land to be made an unstable environment for plants and animals to thrive in.
Although I have only been
effects the biosphere it also effects the other spheres such as the hydrosphere. Since the nuclear waste is being disposed away from human society this means that the radioactive chemicals can get into the water therefore we can't drink form it and animals cannot drink form it without receiving radiation
talking about how it
Nuclear factories are powered by uranium which means mines are needed. In effect this means that wildlife will need to relocate as their will only be mines in uninhabited places. They create steam which is used to split uranium atoms which lets of a huge amount of energy but also creates radioactive waste, this is called Nuclear fission
Nuclear radiation also effects the Lithosphere as nuclear waste can cause changes in the availability of elements such as nitrogen, carbon and sulfur.
As well as affecting the Lithosphere, Biosphere, and Hydrosphere Nuclear energy/waste also effects the Atmosphere as there is a certain amount of radiation in the air, in turn this will also effect the biosphere because they will be breathing toxic fumes and in severe cases the Lithosphere as it might turn into acid rain which can erode the rocks .
These are only some of the things nuclear energy can do to negatively effect the earth and I hope that now you will try to stop this problem which if not monitored could be fatally damaging to the earth
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Produced, edited, and sold by Mitchell Brandon and Connor
Although Nuclear power creates
radioactive waste there is a way to do
it almost completely nature friendly
and safe. If we use thorium instead
of other elements it will fix the issue as it cools down faster, therefore decreasing the radioactivity or shortening the time it takes for the rods to completely lose there radioactivity. Since it can cool down quickly it also prevents Nuclear power plants from exploding as it cools down fast enough to become stable before the trigger event happens. We can also solve the problem of nuclear rods that are already being stored in the earth by dropping them into unused mines or throwing them into space.
This topic relates to things we have done in earth and space science as we were talking about currents and the ones that carried debris form the nuclear explosion in Fukushima. The debris washed up all over the world but majorly on the west coast of the US and on the shores of Hawaii.
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