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KB Toys

No description

Spencer Childers

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of KB Toys

KB Toys Timeline Timeline Background Failure Analysis Competition Analysis KB Toys Competitive Advantage
Mall Traffic
Impulse Buyer
Smaller Stores
Private-Label Toy Lines Walmart Toys "R" Us FAO Schwarz Sears No.2 toy retailer behind Toys "R" Us
Retailer of choice for consumers
Sames standards as every other area in store
Visually unexciting
2,000 skus of toys year round
$2 billion of profit comes from toy sales Switch focus from price to service and product selection
Focus on toys that could be a hit
Works closely with Amazon.com and Babys "R" Us
Better toy selection
Only remaining large specialty toy retailer in the US
Purchased F.A.O Schwarz, KB Toys, and many specialty toy chains and web sites
Oldest toy store
Must-see destination and creating memories
Extraordinary and unique products
Peak in 2000 with 42 stores
Opened FAO Schweetz
After peak in 2000, store quickly felt financial trouble and sold 23 stores and closed 19
Fifth Avenue store closed in 2004
Aquired by Toys "R" Us in 2009 Sears joined ventures with KB Toys in 2001
Added toy sections with KB Toy products to 600 stores
Took over Sears Wish Book holiday catalog
KB Toys sold a new line of toys based on the Sears' Craftsman tool brand
Broke relationship when KB went out of business
Reintroduce as a mall specialty toy store in 2009 Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse
Toys "R" Us-$159.99
FAO Schwarz-$159.99
Sears-$199.99 New Competitors
Toys 'R' Us
Took 40% market Bad Decisions Leading to Downfall
Stop Selling Video Games
Stop Selling Toy Guns Rollercoaster Profits
1990 $1 Billion
1993 $919,054
1994 $1.01 Billion
1998 $1.6 Million Toy Market
70% Sales in 4th quarter
Lost day-to-day sales to Wal-Mart Founded By Donald and Howard Kaufman Started as a Candy Wholesale Candy Wholesale
1922 1940's Recomendations and
Lessons Learned Advice for CEO Video Games
Toy Guns Acquired Toy Store 1959 1976 1977 1981 1981 1993 First Retail Store opens Doubled Stores from 26 - 65 Changed name from
Kay-Bee Toys and Hobby
to Kay-Bee Toys and Hobby Shops
Changed name again to
Kay-Bee Toy Store Purchased By Melville Corporation Stopped Selling toy guns 1996 sold the chain for 300 million 2000 1998 Started KB Kids online Started Public offering 2008 Filed Bankrupcy
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