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Ted Rogers

No description

C Finn

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Ted Rogers

Ted Rogers Agenda 1) Biography

2) Business's

3) Leadership Traits

4) Leadership Assessment & Styles

5) Works Cited Biography Edward Samuel "Ted" Rogers, Jr. was born on May 27, 1933 in Toronto ON

Educated at Upper Canada College, an all boys school that teaches grades 1-12

Graduated from Trinity College in the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1956

One year later he began studying at Osgoode Hall Law School

On December 2, 2008 Ted suffered from congestive heart failure and died overnight in his house Business's Ted bought all the shares in the local CHFI radio station in 1960

In 1965 he entered the cable TV business

2 Years later he established Rogers Communications in 1967

In 2000 Ted bought the Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball team and renamed the Skydome to the Rogers Centre in 2003 Ted Rogers
http://blog.jackjia.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/ted_rogers.jpg Leadership Traits Drive "Known for 18-hour days and seven-day work weeks, rest was rarely on the agenda (Macleans). Ted had a desire to achieve greatness in the business field. He was ambitious and one of the most innovative businessmen in the hole day. His innovation in the phone business now makes Rogers Canada's largest wireless voice and data communications services provider. Motivation Knowledge of the Business Ted knew a lot about where technology was going back in his day. He knew what people wanted and gave it to them. When Ted was in the radio business he realized that more people were becoming interested in television. It was this knowledge that create Rogers Inc and made Ted Rogers a successful entrepreneur. Motivation was a big factor in Ted's success. Such a factor that at the slogan of the Ted Rogers School of Business is "Powered by Motivation, Geared by Innovation". Ted claims his biggest motivation was his father, Edward Rogers. Edward invented a radio that ran without batteries, and founded CFRB. Ted was motivated to keep up and be as successful in broadcasting and telecommunications as his father was. Honesty and Integrity "Ted rogers taught me all kinds of new levels of honesty and integrity" (Canon Barry). Everybody that did business with Ted has nothing but good things to say about him. Known for his good character, Ted was incredible to work with. "Mr. Rogers was a very extraordinary mix of business skills, entrepreneur-adventure-like skills, and at the same time, very sentimental, very spiritual,” (Cannon Barry). Self-Confidence Ted was a confident man. Confidence is key in business. Ted went into deals and expanded his companies without any fear. He was confident with his deals and had no regrets in business. Risk taking is own of the main things taught at the Ted Rogers School of Business. Ted was described by many to be a risk taker, and risk taking takes confidence. Photograph by Peter Bregg Leadership Assessment & Styles The Black Mouton Grid Assignment Team Leader Ted was a team leader. According to the Blake Mouton model, this is the pinnacle of managerial style. This explains Ted’s success in the business world. Ted cared for his employees as he cared for his kids (CityNews Staff). He spent as much time or more with those at the office as those at home. He had much respect for his employee's, and cared about them just as much as the business as a whole (City News Staff). Ted would often ask for the input of other employees, as he believed their contribution could help improve companies. Making employees feel import at a workplace leads to high satisfaction and motivation, and as a result, high production. Having a high concern for both the people and the production helped Ted succeed in business. Leadership Style The Democratic leadership style best describes how Ted managed his business’s. Ted acted as a facilitator and a resource person. He was the type of leader that not only lead strong and emphasize a task, but also left opportunities for employee’s input. He was committed to the task just as much as the people. Ted believed in order to innovate, you need everybody voice, not just your own (Toronto Life, 1990). Ted listened as much as he talked (Cannon Barry). Ted was a Democratic leader and it helped him build his business’s from the ground up. Ted Rogers
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