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Arms & Space Race

Project on Arms & Space Race Mrs. May Period 2 Prezi

Kaylee Manuel

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Arms & Space Race

Arms & Space Race Firsts First animal in orbit
November 3, 1957
Sputnik 2-Soviet Union First photograph of Earth from orbit
August 7, 1959
Explorer 6-NASA First photos of far side of the moon
October 4, 1959
Luna 3-Soviet Union First manned space-flight
August 12, 1961
Yuri Gagarin
Vostok 1-Soviet Union First pilot-controlled space flight
Alan Shepard
May 5, 1961
Freedom 7- NASA First planetary fly-by
December 14, 1962
Mariner 2-NASA First woman in space
Valentina Tereshkova
June 16, 1963
Vostok 6-Soviet Union First man on the moon!
Niel Armstrong
July 21, 1969
Apollo 11-NASA Superpowers Soviet Union
AKA- Russia or USSR United States Outcomes Impact on Today Atomic Weapons Growth Signifiance Smaller technology
Memory Cards More advanced technology
Cell phones
TV Nuclear race started in WWII when Germany built the atomic bomb and the United States beat them with the Monopoly After that was over, the entire thing started over again between the U.S. and Russia. Instead of just weapons, it was space, technology, and the creation of smaller and more powerful weaponry. Sputnik 1 Importance:

Led to all of the space firsts
Gave the U.S. motivation to launch man into space to see the moon
Allowed them to study the moon and all the galaxies U.S. Outcome:

Seen as a larger superpower now that we had all this new, fancy technology Russia Outcome:

Seen as being able to keep up. They were very powerful themselves because whenever the U.S. would build something, they would come right back. Soviet Union then saw the United States as a threat. Led to a lot of the things we have today
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