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INTA 2016

No description

Federica Zambelli

on 30 May 2016

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Transcript of INTA 2016

Aiming High
Moncler's Rights: a numerous family
Why you should be proud of this Team
...and now
Once upon a time...
The enforcement activities...from theory to practice
Our first enforcement steps in few Countries
Class 3 and Mexico
A step ahead: new challenges
Well-known trademark status in the most critical countries:
China, Turkey and Russia

Strengthening our collaboration with local Authorities
Deeper intelligence analysis
Link between
on-line and off-line
2016 goals

Institutional trademarks, core classes, around 1.000 trademarks

A few registered designs

Less than 1.000 domain names
trademarks in our TM portfolio

implementation: eyewear, models, patterns

domain names
New focuses: classes, products, projects, geographical areas
Once upon a time...
European hot spots mainly
...and now
BP and Enforcement activities in
over 100 Countries
Strengthening the activities in critical new areas
Far East
... is not only about China
Let's talk about BP!
Landmark victory in China
500 hours of internal training
Audit Inspections
"We have done much,
but as always we want to do even more
and do it even better."

Mr. Remo Ruffini
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