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the Human Genome Project

a report on the Human Genome Project

Sebastian Herrera

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of the Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project first of all... what IS the HGP? why... it is an international project of scientists! and what do these scientists do? they study the Genome of humanity, seeing what genes we're made of and how it effects us here's a good question... what's a gene? the gene what is it? what does it do? here is a quick summary of a gene: small. and here is a slightly longer description: 23 chromosomes a long, coiled bit of DNA four building blocks make DNA genes made of DNA A= adenine T= Thymine G= Guanine C= Cytosine and it is always A=T and G=C when uncoiled, one DNA stretches about six feet long a DNA uncoils to a RNA, where it is copied and recoiled as mRNA leave the nucleus and a Rybosome reads it the tRNA reads the mRNA and makes an amino acid, which codes for every three bases, and thus makes a protien protiens are the building blocks for many things the Gene is the very base code for everything that makes you... you! and now... for the genome what is a genome? it is the history of humanity, how we evolved into us it shows us that we are ... 98% identical to chimpanzees 50% indentical to flat worms and whats more... EVERYONE! is 99.9% genetically the same the reason we are so similar to other species is that Humanity is so new, a very young race, that we haven't enough time to evolve far enough away and now about the project its self the idea was formulated in 1980,
ran thirteen years, ending in 2003 an international effort to read and interpret each gene to an understandable level all information is available for the public veiwing at http://www.ornl.gov/sci/techresources/Human_Genome/home.shtml for any scientist to to their own study from the information gathered thanks for watching!
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