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Historically Black Colleges and Universities Closing

No description

Matt Hicks

on 29 June 2016

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Transcript of Historically Black Colleges and Universities Closing

Thank You!
-Historically Black Colleges and University's (HBCU's) were founded after the Civil War

-There are 106 HBCU's in the US

-Qualifications of a HBCU? (Demby, G., 2013)

-Students they serve?

-11 HBCU's have closed their door permanently.

Class Activity
With HBCU's struggling to get donations from their alumni/community, who are very vocal about their pride of going to said HBCU, how do you think this could be resolved?

If you are the Director of a Call Center where you are raising money for the University, how do you devise a plan to get people to donate?

Please give me two ideas you have to help raise money through a call center and personal relations you create with alumni and community members.
-Tax Payers
-HBCU Alumni
-HBCU Current Students
-HBCU Faculty and Staff
-HBCU Donors
-For-Profit Education Institutions
-Potential Students?
Stakeholders Response
-Politicians are debating "Bail Out Money" (Jacobs, P., 2015)

-Howard Alumni Donation Rate is up from 2008 to 2012 (Demby, J., 2013)

-HBCU Faculty and Staff are organizing fundraisers (Mason, K., 2015)

-Current Students are exposing the impact of HBCU's (Mason, K., 2015)

-Florida A&M and Paul Quinn College mixing with University of Phoenix? (Blumenstyk, G., 2015)
By: Matt Hicks
PSE 740

Historically Black Colleges and Universities Closing
HBCU's have closed
Financial Issues
-Howard University
-Parent PLUS Loan




Internal Workings
If you were the Academic Provost at Florida A&M University, would you work with University of Phoenix to help keep your doors open? University of Phoenix has been under scrutiny for sometime now over their way of business? Please state if you would or would not work with them, and explain your decision as you would to current students, faculty, and staff members of Florida A&M University. Have statement formatted like a press release.
Systems Thinking
Systems Thinking

Chaos Theory


Budget cuts?
Mason, K., (May 19th, 2015). Threatened with closure, one historically black university charts a path to recovery. PBS Newshour. Retrieved from http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/south-carolina-state-decline-and-recovery/

Demby, G., (June 26th, 2013). Are HBCUs In Trouble? An Evergreen Question. National Public Radio. Retrieved from http://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2013/06/25/195666060/are-hbcus-in-trouble-an-evergreen-question

Kimbrough, W. (June 26th, 2011). Black Colleges Still Play a Vital Role in Education. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from http://chronicle.com.ezproxy.waterfield.murraystate.edu/article/Black-Colleges-Still-Play-a/128038

Blumenstyk, G., (September 11th, 2015). HBCUs Aren’t Sold on Course Partnerships With U. of Phoenix. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from http://chronicle.com.ezproxy.waterfield.murraystate.edu/article/HBCUs-Aren-t-Sold-on-Course/233019

Tate, W. (May 2009). The Search for Leadership: An Organisational Perspective. The Institute for Systematic Leadership. Retrieved from http://www.systemicleadershipinstitute.org/resources/books-by-william-tate-2/the-search-for-leadership/

Jacobs, P., (March 30th, 2015). There's an unprecedented crisis facing America's historically black colleges. Business Insider. Retrieved from http://www.businessinsider.com/hbcus-may-be-more-in-danger-of-closing-than-other-schools-2015-3

JEALOUS, B. T. (2013). A College's Closing Sounds an Alarm for HBCUs. Chronicle Of Higher Education, 60(3), A28-A29.

Stewart, P. (2014). Campus Closings. Diverse: Issues In Higher Education, 31(12), 10-11.
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