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The Ransom of Red Chief

No description

Jaime Tan

on 9 October 2016

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Transcript of The Ransom of Red Chief

Bill and Sam are confused after kidnapping Johnny (Red Chief)
Man vs Self conflict
The Red Chief (Johnny)
Ebenezer Dorset

Sketch of O. Henry
O. Henry was born in 1862 and died in 1910.
He was a famous American short-story writer
He was known for his surprise endings, and a twist of plot that is typically iconic.
In prison, he began writing short stories to earn money to support his daughter Margaret. His first story named "Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking" (1879).
After 3 years in prison he was released in 1901 and changed his name to O. Henry.
His marriage was not happy and his last years of his life were filled with financial problems, alcoholism, and illness. His real name was William Sydney Porter.
The Red Chief is
The color red is considered a color of fire, pain, and anger.
A chief is one who commands
The boy who calls himself the Red Chief is shown to be mischievous.
The Red Chief is a symbol of a mischievous and angry leader of pain, who is widely known as the devil.
Just as how the devil "sticks" around, the Red Chief wouldn't leave until Sam and Bill "payed the price".
The narrator Sam and his brother, Bill made a plan to kidnap Johnny, son of Ebenezer Dorset.
The story takes place in Summit, Alabama.
The ransom would help establish a fraudulent scheme.
Johnny causes a lot of commotion and trouble to the kidnappers.
Sam writes and sends the ransom note in the post office to the family.
Bill wants to return Johnny back home

Like most great short stories, "The Ransom of Red Chief" has many symbols, which creates a deeper meaning than the original story. The three symbols I will be talking about are Bill, Red Chief, and Ebenezer Dorset.
I mustache you a question.

Inciting Incident
The inciting incident is when Sam and Bill kidnap Johnny from the front of his home and taken to Poplar Cove.
By: Vishal P., Jaime T, Tony S., Carl S., Chirag M.
Falling Action
Sam and Bill return Johnny back to his father along with the required money of $250.
Sam and Bill's kidnap plan backfires and in result, they had to leave the town empty handed.
Bill and Sam run away from Summit, so they would not get caught.
The Ransom of Red Chief
O' Henry

Major Characters

Bill Driscoll
Johnny Dorset
Minor Characters
Ebenezer Dorset
Prominent (well-known, important)
Smart negotiator
Bill Driscoll
Desperate for money
Greedy, Selfish
Sam is a partner with Bill when they kidnap Johnny
(Partners in crime)
Sam and Bill are desperately in the need of money so they kidnap Johnny Dorset and hold ransom for him inorder to obtain the money.
Johnny Dorset
A.K.A. Red Chief
Painful and ignorant
Son of Ebenezer Dorset
Johnny didn't want to go back. He liked it with Bill and Sam in a cave. He never realized he was kidnapped. At the end he didn't want to leave Sam and Bill.
Foil character
After being kidnapped, Johnny has fun (while unknowingly hurting Bill and Sam). Johnny hates a lot of things, but he enjoys the kidnappers' company.
Major Conflicts
Ebenezer, Johnny's father, replies the ransom note by taking Johnny back with $250 on top of returning his son.
Bill is shown throughout the whole story to be afraid of Red Chief, who symbolizes the devil
Bill at first wanted the Red Chief, but eventually regretted kidnapping him after the Red Chief began to mess with Bill's mind.
Bill represents a sinner who desires forgiveness.
Bill Driscoll and Sam are kidnapping Johnny Dorset (Red Chief)
Man vs Man conflict
Johnny put up a fight with the two kidnappers, but they overpowered him. He was not frightened by them at all, in fact, he enjoyed being with them!
The kidnappers are extremely annoyed by Johnny (Red Chief)
Man vs Man conflict
Bill and Sam have to withstand Johnny's annoyance, Their plan did not go as they hoped. Since they expected Johnny's father to pay the ransom, they didn't plan any further. Now, they don't know what to do.
Bill helps Sam keep Red Chief entertained and quiet. He listens to Sam prior to anything even the most annoying kid.
Ebenezer Dorset is known as a wise and important elder
He also ruined Sam and Bill's plan to make money off of his son, Johnny. He taught them a life lesson.
Ebenezer Dorset represents someone wise, old, important, and who teaches lessons. He represents God.
Expect the unexpected
Things are not the way they may seem.
Sam was fooled thinking he would obtain the ransom, but unexpectedly doesn't.
What comes around goes around.
Sam and Bill's plan backfired and they ended up on the opposite end they had expected.
Ebenezer Dorset was expected to be a desperate father but was the opposite.He ask for money to take Johnny off Sam and Bill's hand ironically.
Rising Action
Thematic Question
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Should a criminal be let off the hook for something that they regret? How much is money really worth?
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