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Human resource managment

No description

Arianna Rizzi

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Human resource managment

Managing Human Resources By: Claudia Pillay
Jackson Pittorino
Arianna Rizzi Case study: Taking the other path Blog questions What is Human Resources? Human resource management can be described as the process of managing the people of an organization or establishment by following a thorough and systematized manner. Australian Defence Force (ADF)

Mission- To defend Australia and its national interests both at home and overseas What key HR challenges does the ADF face? How has the organisation addressed them? Components: Component employees: Planning Recruitment Down sizing Adapted employees: Orientation
Training High performing employees: Performance management
Compensation and benefits
Safety and health Contemporary issues Managing downsizing


Sexual harassment

Career planning Major challenge- attracting quality recruits Solution- offering exclusive benefits to employees Defence force recruiting (DFR) "A specialist organisation dedicated to finding the right people in the right numbers at the right time by focusing on the needs of ADF" Training and development -Attract and retain staff
-"Learning for life" Evaluate the recruitment methods used by the ADF. What other methods would you recommend they use Consider the various training and development approaches used by the ADF. What benefits and drawbacks are there for the organisation? Discussion questions 1.Do you think that the ADF’s and DFR’s approach to HR have been successful, in terms of the HR components? How? 2.What is better to use when rewarding and motivating workers; monetary or non monetary benefits? 3. How important do you think the HR process is to create efficiency in the workplace?
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