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Mie Andersen

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of WW1

1870 - 1914
1840 - 1913
World War I - The Great War
The Military
Most countries had a military build-up through 1887-1913
Especially Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Britain & Austria-Hungary
Germany expanded their navy
Britain wanted to remain having naval superiority and kept on expanding their navy to "win" against Germany

Paranoia began to reign in Europe
Alliances stared popping up
Imperial competition --> alliances
Brought other nations who otherwise wouldn't interact into conflict
Russo Japanese war (1905)
The countries sought to expand their territory
Germany wanted to create an European Empire
Not supported
A new and powerful source of tension in Europe
Tied to militarism
Crashed with the interest of imperial power
Can be defined as:

Germany, Italy, France, Austria-Hungary and Britain sought dominance and prestige
The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania and Poland sought to become independent
Results - The War of Alliances
Assassination Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary
Austria-Hungary vs Serbia
Russia began mobilizing
Germany vs Russia
France began mobilizing
Germany vs France
Britain vs Germany

The War had begund

After the War
11th hour, 11th day, 11th month, 1918
All guns fell silent on the Western front

The search for a culprit started, Germany was named

The former American president Wilson proposed 14 points in order to end World War 1

The Treaty of Versailles:
One of many peace treatise to end WWI
Signed on 28 June, 1919
Focused on Germany as the Culprit

Europe after The War
The cause of WWI
Some explain the cause of WWI using the acronym M.A.I.N.:
M = Military
A = Alliances
I = Imperialism
N = Nationalism
Alliances were developed to:
Help one another in war
Maintain a balance of power

The Triple Alliance (1882) - Germany, Austria-Hungary & Italy
The Triple Entente (1907) - France GB & Russia
Russia & Serbia

"a great pride in one's country or aspiring to become one's own country"
Wilson's 14 points:
1. Open diplomacy
2. Freedom of the seas
3. Removal of economic barriers
4. Reduction of armaments
5. Adjustment of colonial claims
6. Conquered territories in Russia
7. Preservation of Belgian sovereignty
8. Restoration of French territory
9. Redrawing of Italian frontiers
10. Division of Austria-Hungary
11. Redrawing of Balkan boundaries
12. Limitations on Turkey
13. Establishment of an independent Poland
14. Association of nations

The Treaty Of Versailles
The Treaty ordered Germany to:
Pay war reparations for all the damages
Reduce their military provisions to 100.000 men
Cut naval forces and eliminate the air force
Give up parts of their territory

Germans now lived in extreme poverty and sought a strong leader to help them regaining their lost power.
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