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Main Characters

No description

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Main Characters

Minor Characters

Dr. Brown
Dr.Brown is the shrink that Crabbe goes to see after he gets out of the forest. Dr.Brown has a lot of patients because Crabbe is being difficult but he does not snap or get mad until the end of their sessions, Dr.Brown is fat. He has a ash tray in his office so that Crabbe has a place to put tobacco ashes and matches.
Mary Pallas
Mary is a women in her late-twenties early-thirties. She is the only reason Crabbe survived living in the forest. She is very smart when it comes to surviving in the forest and was a university teacher before she killed her husband and escaped into the forest.

Crabbe is a rich, smart and somewhat of an alcoholic. Crabbe ran away from home because he wanted people to know that it was his life and the he was the only one who could run it. He is not very athletic and has no real muscle mass, but when he left the wilderness he was in shape and could do a full days work without getting tired.

Main Characters

Character Mind Map
Crabbe's Parents

Crabbe's parents do not let him do what he wants and are very controlling over his life and. They want him to go to school, get good grades then get the job they want him to get. Mr. Crabbe is a lawyer and wants Crabbe to get the same job as him, Mrs. Crabbe drinks a lot of alcohol. They both dress like rich stuck up people, but after Crabbe goes into the forest the look total different because the stress caused by his actions. They look older and grayer and the different dress as expensive as they did before.
The "beet" was Crabbe's principle who didn't suspend him when he was caught drinking. Fat-Ass Grant was the gym teacher who caught Crabbe drinking Silent Sam in the boys locker room. He was also over weight, that why he has that nickname. Mr.Peters was the English teacher and Miss Wase was the history teacher. Beaker Baker was the chemistry teacher.
By: William Bell
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