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PLTW McDonald's toy

No description

Manpreet Bhalla

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of PLTW McDonald's toy

Rendered Image The New McDonald's Toy Rolie- Polie- Olie First, here is a trailer for the movie... Decision Matrix Define the Problem Design a Happy Meal Product Line based on the Disney Film "Rolie Polie Olie- The Great Defender of Fun". The toy should reflect the theme of the film.
- Must reflect the theme of the film
- Must be made up of at least 5 parts
- Must be able to do something related to the film
- Must have an additional feature that functions as an accessory
- May not exceed 3"x 3" x 5"
- Must comply with U.S. Consumer Safety Commissions child safety regulations Brainstorming Generate Concepts Hmm... What type of features should it have? We added the helmet on his head
as the unique accessory. And, we included the box spaceship, with him on top! For the movement, we added wheels to it. We kept contact through school
email and texting throughout
the project. CONTACT THIS GROUP'S MEMBERS INCLUDE... MANPREET BHALLA REBECCA BOSKO NICHOLAS HOLLERAN ALEX JAHN Research Select and Approach Develop a Solution Working Drawings Reflect on the Design Positives and Negatives: We Researched how to build Rolie Polie and we came up with possible materials to use. 1) Rubber balls
2) Clay
3) Paint
4) Wires
5) Cardboard Box
6) Construction paper
7) Tape
8) Bottle Caps
9) Magnets
10) Velcro
11) Aluminum Foil Materials Sketches Spaceship Box Main Body Helmet Main Body Constraints: Evaluate the Solution - The toy is able to disassemble to fit in the happy meal box, and take up less room when not in use
- The toy is able to move
- Negatives:
- the toy must be assembled
- not very durable Redesign the Solution - Make the toy smaller
- Use better, more stable materials - Some unique characteristics of the toy is that it is able to be taken apart so it takes up less space when not in use.
- The spaceship also acts as a storage place for the toy.
- We added Velcro to the spaceship so the toy can be assembled easily. Prototype
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