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Computer Applications Class

Exam for Computer Apps.

Austin Kohl

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Computer Applications Class

-No textbooks!

-No tests!

-Learn programming with Alice! Computer Applications -Program your own story.

-Command characters to move.

-Make an ice skater spin and do other cool things! Alice We got to use Windows movie maker to create a slideshow. You insert pictures and transitions for the pictures and you can also add text. Movie Maker Event Google Form allows you to create your own survey. You can put all different types of questions in it. You can use multiple choice, choose from a list, fill in the bubble, and several more. Google Forms Prezi is a program that is a little bit like a power point, but is way cooler. You create points and paths and are able to zoom into certain areas. Videos and pictures are super easy to insert into a Prezi. Prezi iMovie Commercials Google Presentation By: Austin Kohl -Play games on free time!

-Film your own commercial!

-Learn how to do many useful things! -Save a princess from an evil dragon!

-Have fun with your own little stories.

-Make colorful penguins sing and dance! -Create a Prezi about any subject you want!

-Share your subject with the entire class. Alice is a Program that allows you to program animations to create a story. Mine was about Xbox 360s! -It's super easy to do and a very fun project.

-Easier to work with than Power Point. With Google Presentations, you're able to create a presentation online. You never have to worry about not remembering where you saved your presentation, because it's on google drive. It saves online, so you can work on it wherever you are. -Work with a partner!

-Choose any topic to talk about. -It's easier than powerpoint.

-You can work on it at home or school. -Present your Presentation in front of the class. -Add pictures from an important event in your life.

-Insert any song you want to go along with your slideshow. -Present your slideshow to the class.

-Work on a project that will bring back some memories. We got to film a commercial for a product or service that we invented ourselves. We then edited the video with iMovie 09 on the Macs. -Work with the Mac computers!

-Have a fun time recording yourself! -Record during class or at home!

-The videos get played for the whole school! -Choose any topic you want.

-Have the whole class take your survey. -Present your results to the class

-It's really easy and fun! -Choose from many different themes! Google Spreadsheets With google spreadsheets we planned a vacation and kept the budget under $2,000. We used formulas in google spreadsheets to calculate the cost of the vacations and remaining money. -Choose to go wherever you want!

-Learn how to use functions to add and average costs together. -Use real vacation planning websites to plan your trip!

-This is on Google drive, so all of your progress saves automatically! Google Sites We created our own websites about this class. We created a home page and tabs for several of our projects that we did in here. We added a picture of ourselves and gadgets to it. -Learn how to create your own website!

-Choose any picture of yourself to put on the homepage! -You get to add cool gadgets and games to your website!

-It's really fun and simple! I chose Myrtle Beach for my vacation. I did mine on BYOD. I did mine on bringing your own device to school. Mine was on bringing your own device to school. It's really fun and simple! Computer Applications is a very fun project oriented class. Everyone should take it, it teaches you a lot and is fun in the process.
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