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Google Inc. and its Inventions

No description

Johann Badescu

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Google Inc. and its Inventions

A Brief History
American corporation specialized on Internet-related products

Most profits from Ads

Founded in 1998 by
Larry Page
Sergey Brin
(then still Ph.D. students)

Started with the Google Search-Engine

Mission: "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful"

Rapidly growing since it started new lines of products, acquisitions* and partnerships beyond² their core product (Google Search)

Huge variety of services and products:
Google Search, Gmail, Drive, Google+, Android
Glass, Lens, Car, Nexus-Smartphones
*erwerben; ²darüber hinaus
What makes it so special?
Cloud-based products

All your data available* anytime from anywhere (internet-connection required²)

Data and information shared between the devices (i.e. contacts + email)

Always connected to your surroundings³ (i.e. Maps)
*zugänglich; ²benötigt; ³Umgebung
Software products and services
Google Search
Greatest impact on ways to gather information
Combines Search-Engine, Calculator, Spellcheck, News, cache*
But also censored in some countries (Korea, Afghanistan,...)

Maps (combined with "Now")
Navigation (free) - no need for expensive ones
Easy to personalize (Home, Work, daily route, ...)
Can show locations near to you (Restaurants, Bars, ...)
Many Accidents due to loss of attention

collects all kind of personal Data
Daily routes (Home-Work-Home)
Interests (Sports, Games, ...)
Bookings (shows Train-Schedule, ...)
All based on your Google-Search!
All data stored in the Cloud!
Laws control which data can be
gathered and which not
Google Inc.
Google the best and fastest route for you on your PC
Your search history and all your saved routes are available on your android device
Thanks to "Google Places" you can search, share and check in/out places like Restaurants, Bars, etc.
Hardware products
Driverless Car
- already mentioned

Android Smartphones & Tablets
Cheap and powerful devices
Competitor to Apple-Devices (81% run Android, 13% iOS)
Keeps prices low
Boosts research and invention of cheaper, better and faster Hardware
New wearable device that looks like a pair of glasses
Revolutionizes the way we interact with technology
Very distractive
Could be used by the army as HUDs*
*Head-Up Display
Works on one of today's biggest health problems:

Monitors* glucose levels in tears

Sends data to a monitoring device that analyzes it

Changes the way diabetics handle their everyday-lives

One problem less to care about

Is it really safe from hackers?

Will the data really not reach Google's cloud?

Thank you for your attention!
All in all
Can be really annoying but can give you new ideas for presents i.e.

Google Search:
You can find
on the internet for free!

Free maps and navigation wherever you are, but very risky in traffic

While it makes your life a lot easier, it stores every habit of yours

All your data is being stored online, which can be a very big help, but also very insecure

New ways to interact with technology and implement it into our everyday-lives, but very "Big-Brother-ish"

Huge improvement of Lifestyle for diabetics!
A presentation by Johann Badescu
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