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Cell Processes Flowchart

No description

Emily Wack

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Cell Processes Flowchart

Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Phil the Phagocyte lived in the town of Cell City. One day at school, Phil and all of his organelle buddies decided to use their aggressive chromosomes to beat up some bacteria. The brain of group, Nucleus, made a plan using his nucleolus. Because Nucleus had a nuclear envelope protecting him, he couldn't get to the bacteria. He convinced his mitochondria friend to provide the power to kidnap the bacteria. The vacuole friends then used the mitochondria's power to grab the bacteria and carry them away. When the cytoskeleton saw that the bacteria was being kidnapped, they tried to protect the bacteria and maintain the cells shape, insuring that the bacteria wouldn't get hurt. Unfortunately, the cytoskeleton failed at protecting the bacteria, and the lysosomes ate the bacteria that was worn out and could not survive. The ribosomes then realized that they would have to create more bacteria for all the ones that the lysosomes had consumed. The next day, Phil decided to pack his things and drive to Chicago. His cousin, Gregory the Golgi Apparatus, helped him pack his insides full of the appropriate proteins he would need for his trip. When he arrived, he had to climb the plasma membrane of the city, which protected it from the outside. The Adventures of Phil the Phagocyte After he climbs the wall, he is amazed with the amount of Peroxisomes that he sees walking around the city. After awhile he decided to improve the highways of the city with other eukaryortic organisms using the endoplasmic reticulum. They would build secretory vescicles used for a interconnected network. Haley Graham, Emily Wack, Molly Horsfield, and Catherine Merrell
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