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Hawaiian Monk Seals

No description

Marist Liufau

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Hawaiian Monk Seals

Helping Hawaiian Monk Seals
By: Marist Liufau, Eric Davison, Ian Kaneshiro, and Jasha-Ann Ah Nee
What Is A Hawaiian Monk Seal?
Why are they Important?
How Can You Help Them?
There are only about 1,100 Hawaiian Monk Seals left in the world.They are one of the most endangered animals in the world. They are really close to extinction. This is why we chose to help them on exhibition. They are important to the Hawaiian culture and they are the state mammal. It is illegal to approach or bother them. Some tourists don't know this so we try to educate them about how important they really are.
You can help the Hawaiian Monk Seals in a lot of ways. You can volunteer at different foundations. We volunteered at the Waikiki Aquarium. At the aquarium, we passed out cards with numbers to call if you ever see a Monk Seal on the beach. The agencies will come to put a fence around it. We also went on a hike to see if any Hawaiian Monk Seals were resting on the shore. The best way you can help the Monk Seals are if you educate the public about their small population and how it's declining.
How are they getting hurt?
Hawaiian Monk Seals die of fishing hooks, nets, trash, and ocean debris. Fishermen often leave nets in the ocean. Their hooks sometimes get loose and fall off. There was a recent death to a juvenile Monk Seal. He was known a RK68. It was the first Hawaiian Monk Seal death of 2013. The sad thing was that it could have been prevented. A lot of Monk Seals swallow hooks and get caught in nets. These are what makes the Monk Seal population decrease.
It is a mammal that lives mainly in the Hawaiian Islands. They can grow up to six to seven feet and it can weigh from 400 to 600 pounds. They come on the shore to rest or give birth. People have to keep a good distance from it because Hawaiian Monk Seals are protected by federal law. If your thumb can cover a whole Monk Seal, you are a good distance away.
We are volunteering at the Waikiki Aquarium to help inform the public about Hawaiian Monk Seals.
Ho'ailona at the Waikiki Aquarium.
A female Monk Seal and its pup resting on the shore.
Tons of ocean debris get stuck together which can harm Hawaiian Monk Seals.
Fishing hook stuck in Hawaiian Monk Seal's throat.
Jasha handing out information cards.
Key Concepts/Lines of Inquiry:
What are agencies doing to help the Monk Seals?/Agencies that support the preservation of Monk Seals.

Why are they getting hurt?/The causes of injuries and deaths of Hawaiian Monk Seals.

Why are they important?/The threat of extinction of Hawaiian Monk Seals.

How can we help them?/Action we can take to help Hawaiian Monk Seals.
Central Idea:
Responsible action can help living things affected by limited resources.
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