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Game Consoles

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jacob worthington

on 22 December 2016

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Transcript of Game Consoles

Obstacle 1
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Game Consoles
By Jacob Worthington
First genration Consoles
Do you know what the first video game console was?
If you don't know it, its the Magnavox!
The Magnavox Odyssey
The Magnavox was not made until 1972 and was the 1st home video game console. This was invented by Ralph H. Baer. But, this console was only moderatley succsessful, only until Atari's 1st game "PONG" that made video games popular. Soon they cancled the making of the 1st Odyssey and made....
The magnavox

Odyssesy 100!
the magnavox wasnt alot different from the original one but it could then play pong and hockey. at the same time this came out they made the magnavox 200
Magnavox Odyssey 200
The 200 came out in 1975. It improved on the odyssey 100. On this console they made a third game in addition to the tennis and hockey game called smash. It was related to a sport called squash. Believe it or not, it was the 1st console to have a game that was more than one player.
The Magnavox 300
The 300 was released in 1976. The 300 was made to compete with the the video game console: the Caleco Telstar.
Second Generation Consoles
Fair Child Entertainment System.
In August 1976, a company called Fairchild produced a video game console called the Fairchild Entertainment system. In 1977 when Atari released the VCS (video computer system) Fairchild changed their systems name to the Channel F. The cartiges for this system were contained in yellow cases. some of the games it played were: Hockey, Tennis, Tic-Tac-Toe, Shooting Gallery, Quadoodle, and Doodle.
Atari 2600
TeleGames/Atari System
This system was made in 1975 made by Atari. Atari made this as a Home version of the video game Pong. This console was sold through Sears. Its inventor was Harold Lee.
Caleco Telstar
This system made by Caleco was made in 1976. It played the games: Hockey, Tennis and Handball. this was the first game console to use the AY-3-8500 chip.
Nntendo Color TV Game
The Nintendo Color TV game is a series of home dedicated consoles created by Nintendo. There were 6 different consoles made in this series. These were all made in Japan. The 1st 2 models: Color TV game 6 and 15 sold a million units. This console was made in 1977. The Color Game 15 was made in 1978, and played 15 different version of the game Tennis. Color TV Racing 112 was a version of the system that played a racing game. The system came with a steering wheel and gearshift. The Block Breaker was invented in 1979. This one player console, ran a ported version of Nintendos arcade game: "Break out" and named the game "Block Breaker".
The Atari 2600 was made in 1977. And it was discontinued in 1992. This system popularized the use of microprocesser based hardware and ROM cartriges. It was originally named the Atari VCS (Video Computer System). But after they made the Atari 5200, they renamed it the Atari 2600, because of its part number: CX2600. It came with 2 joystic controllers, a conjoined pair of paddle controllers, and the game: Pac-Man and Combat.
Magnavox Odyssey 2
The Magnavox Odyssey 2, In Europe known as: Phillips Videopack G7000, In Brazil, Phillips Odyssey, this system was made in 1978. This was just a second-generation version of the magnavox odyssey.
The Intellivision was made in 1978. It was made by the company Mattel. The word Intellivision is a portmantaeu of the word "smart television". Over 3 million Intellivision units were sold. And 125 games were made for this console.
Atari 5200
This console was Introduced in 1982. It was a higher complementary console for the Atari 2600. This system was made to compete with the Intellivision. But wound up more direct competing with the Caleco Vision. The console is based on Ataris 400/500 computers. Plus the internal hardware was almost excactly identical. There was a total of 65 games for this system, those games included: Super Break-out, Galaxian, Space Invaders, and Gremlin.
This console was made in 1982. Its inventor was Smith Engineering. It is a vector display based video game console. Its display played on a vector monitor. This came with built in games like Asteriods and Minestorm. 2 peripherals were also available for the Vectrex. The light pen and a 3-d imager. Its inventor was John Ross.
Arcadia 2001
This is a 8-bit game console made by Emerson Radio Corp. This console had a library of 59 unique video games. Plus it had about 10 variations. its graphic quality is similar to the Intellivision.
Caleco Vision
This is Calecos 2nd generation console. It was made in 1982. This system offered a near arcade-graphic qualities and gaming style along with means to expand the systems basic hardware. Between 1982-1984 145 games were made for the console.




Bally Astrocade
The Astrocade is a secon-genration console. And a simple computer system made by Midway, the video game division of Bally. This console was in the market for a limited amount of time. Until Bally decided to leave the market. Later they found the rights and re-released the console, and sold it until 1983. The console is notable for very powerful graphics capabilities for the time of release.
The Sega 1000 was built by Sega in 1983. It is a cartridge based console. This was segas first entry into the home video game console. It wasnt that popular but, it did provide the basis for the more successful: Sega master system.
Nintendo Entertainment system
The Nintendo Entertainment system was made in 1985. Abbreviated as NES, its a 8-bit 3rd generation game console. At first it was released as a family computer. In south Korea it was called the Hyundai Comboy. This console was the best selling console of its time. It helped revitalize people in the U.S video game industry after the video game crash of 1983, and set the standard for subsequent consoles of its generation. In 2009 the NES was named the single greatest video game console in history by IGN.
3rd generation consoles
Master System
The master system also known as the sega master system, or the SMS, is a 3rd generation console made by Sega in 1985 in Japan. And was released in 1986 in North America. It featured a light gun and 3-d glasses. They were designed to work with a range of special coded games. The console was to compete Directly with the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System.). The SMS was technically superior to the NES. But it failed to overturn Nintendos market share. This console was redesigned many times because of to add features and marketing purposes.
Atari 7800
The Atari 7800 Pro System, or just Atari 7800, was made in 1984. And was re-introduced in 1986. The 7800 was ment to replace the 5200. But was shelved due to the video game crash of 1983. After, it was re-released, and was going to compete with the NES, and the SES. It had simple digital joysticks that were almost backward-compatible with the 2600. In 2009 it was named 17th best video game console of all time.
4th Generation Consoles
Turbo Graphx-16
The Turbo Graphx was made in 1989 as the Graphx-16. It was successful in Japan, due to its compatibility with CD-ROM. In the U.S they used Bonk, a head banging caveman as their mascot and featured him in most of their advertisments. In North America it failed to keep its sales momentum or to make strong impact.
Sega Genesis
The Sega Genisis was made in 1989. Sega Intitially had a hard time over coming Nintendos ubiquitos presence in the American consumers home. That is, until 1991 Segas mascot Sonic The Hedeghog came out and started to build their games around him. Which pushed the Genesis to the "cooler" alternative for the Nintendo Console. At the same time they made the SEGA! theme where they scream it as Sonic runs by the logo.
Neo Geo
The Neo Geo is a cartiged based video game system. It is also an arcade system. It was released in 1990 by SNK, a Japanese company. This was its first system in the Neo Geo family. The hardware featured 2-D graphics. The Neo Geo was marketed as a 24-bit system. Although originally it was a 16-bit system. In 2009 it was ranked 19th out of the best video game consoles of all time.
5th Genration Console
3do Interactive Multiplayer
The 3do Interactive Multyiplayer system is a console developed by 3do. The 3do was released in North America in 1993. Instead of them producing consoles themselves, they licenced other manufacturers to produce them. The manufacturers were Panasonic, GoldStar, and Sanyo. Instead of cartridges, the consoles used C-D ROM.
Atari Jaquar
The Atari corperation released this console in 1993. It was the last one to be marketed under the Atari Corperation. Until 2004 when they made the Atari Flashback. It was designed to surpass the sega genesis. Also the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Panasonic 3DO. It was going to surpass it in processing power too. It was marketed as a 64-bit console but proved to be a complete commercial failure and prompted Atari to leave the video game market.
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