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Clearfield Recreation, Aquatics and Fitness Facebook Page

No description

Leezanna Hill

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Clearfield Recreation, Aquatics and Fitness Facebook Page

Clearfield Recreation, Aquatics and Fitness Facebook Page
Clearfield City marketing is not reaching a wide enough audience. The recreation marketing needs fresh and cost effective communication tools.
A "Clearfield Recreation, Aquatics and Fitness" Facebook Page.
A cost effective way to show people that recreation is fun and that #wevegotitmade in Clearfield City
Benefits - Department
• Meet core values of customer service and communication

• Department transparency

• Quickly resolve conflict and build trust

• Immediate and direct feedback to questions or complaints

• Meets requirements from Clearfield Vision 2020 Core Values

Benefits - Social Media
Shows that we are fun!
Exhibit real time activities
Announce upcoming events
'Toot our own horn’
News source
A way to offer discounts and coupons
Take on the spot testimonials

Benefits - Marketing
• Free

•New people on our marketing team

• Reach people at the “zero moment of truth”

• Reaches non-residents
There will not be appropriate management of the Facebook page.

This is a positive obstacle.
Provide open communication users
Build trust with participants
Show transparency within the organization
Demonstrate willing to resolve issues.

Show our participants that we know how they feel.
Share their good or bad enthusiasm for Clearfield City. i.e. rainouts

Willing to continue the Twitter updates, but focus mainly on Facebook
‘Admin’ and/or ‘moderator’
Contract to sign before posting content on the page

Twitter will be neglected.
Complaints will be posted on the Recreation Facebook Page.
The Facebook page will not be professional. It will show emotion, silliness and edginess.
Facebook has 59% of all internet users in North America as active users. Google+ only achieves 15% and Twitter has 25%.
751 million users access Facebook from
mobile with 7,000 different devices.
74% of marketers believe Facebook is
important for the lead generation strategy.
76% of Facebook users that log in
at least once a day.
Social media generates almost double the marketing leads of trade show, telemarketing, daily mail or PPC.
Goal 4: Keep up to date and relevant
information on Facebook Page
Goal 5: Provide Ease of electronic access and registration options
Dec 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2014
Dec 2014
Permission to create Facebook Page
Create Facebook Page
Reach 5,000 likes
Double amount of followers on Twitter
Goal 1
Goal 2
Goal 3
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