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How Valentines day came to be

No description

j h

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of How Valentines day came to be

St. Valentine
Story 1

Great Britain



My Birthday - February 13
Valentine's Day - February 14

Cards and treats
But why????????
Why Valentine's Day?
by Jamie Heiner
Birth date: unknown
Birthplace: Roman Empire
Family: unknown
Occupation: priest
Died: (was beheaded) Feb. 14 269AD
The Roman Emperor Claudis II needed more soldiers, but no one wonted to join, because they wanted to stay with their wives and children. So Claudis stopped all the marriages. St. Valentine secretly married young couples, behind the Emperor's back. He was found out and was beheaded.
Story 2
St. Valentine was in jail, and fell in love with the jail keepers daughter. He healed her blindness. On his beheading, he left her a note, that said
" Remember your Valentine".
Some people think these two stories are combined.
cards and treats
Love and friendship
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