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Building Bonds and Bridges

Increasing PI in Middle Schools

LaTashia Abrams

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Building Bonds and Bridges

Share Strategies that
Promote Community Encourage Collective Action by Empowering Others Improve
Policies and Practices Actions Activities Attendance Examine best practices
Evaluate PI policy
Support Implementation Assist with coordinating activities that are...
age appropriate for middle school students
of both parent and student interest
interactive and engaging Encourage campuses to provide...
Teacher/Student/Parent Incentives
Child Care/Food
Flexible Times Bonds Building Bonds and Bridges
in Middle Schools Schools... create memorable experiences What will make your school memorable? Climate?
Policies & Practices?
Partnership Activities? leave lasting impressions Parents... In what areas would you like parents to leave impressions? Attendance?
Relationships? + Increasing Parental Involvement research activities or resources that provide support to different family units. Bridges Peer Support
Helps to Build Social Bonds Grandparents
Children Two Parents
Children Single Mothers
Children Single Fathers
Raising Children Listen to the perspective of all stakeholders to create bridges that
form community. Building Bridges to Build Social Capital Families Schools Community
Institutions Respect Partnership Value Trust Educators Aldine ISD Communication Collaboration Capabilities Brainstorm ideas
Share new ideas
Provide feedback Improve methods of communication
Increase forms of communication
Set goals for communication usage with technology in CIP Educate campus staff on how to effectively communicate with parents
Host parent parties
Provide resources that support parents and staff Interdependency
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